• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Are you good at finding the squares in this picture? | trending

Are you good at finding the squares in this picture?  |  trending

When we say puzzles, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe math puzzles, logical reasoning questions, solving mysteries in games, and so on. There are many types Puzzles People love to solve, and if you’re into solving such questions, we’ve got something for you. In this puzzle shared on social media, the challenge is to guess exactly how many squares are in the picture.

How many squares are there in this picture?(Instagram/@mathquiz)

“How many squares are there in this picture?” wrote Instagram Page Math Quiz. This Instagram page is dedicated to sharing various math questions and puzzles that can engage a person’s mind. In their latest post, the challenge is to find the number of squares in a given image.

Check out this viral puzzle about squares here:

This post was shared a day ago. Ever since it was shared on social media, many people have liked it and the number is increasing. Many took to the comments section of the post and shared their answers. Some guessed the answer and said that there were nine or ten squares in this picture. What do you think is the answer? Were you able to fix it?

Earlier, another such Math puzzle It was viral on Instagram. In the challenge, the task was to find the hidden numbers in a picture. Math Quiz has also shared this post. In the figure, several numbers are given in such a way that other numbers are also formed. So, after scrutinizing the numbers, the solution had to be found. This post was shared a few days ago. After sharing, many people liked the post and tried to guess the answer in the comment section. Can you solve this?

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