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The teenager allegedly behind the GTA 6 leak and other related incidents

The teenager allegedly behind the GTA 6 leak and other related incidents

The infamous GTA 6 leak in September 2022 shocked the gaming industry. On September 18, 2022, an anonymous hacker named “teapotuberhacker” leaked several clips of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game and offered to sell the source codes for Grand Theft Auto 5. A few days later, the hacker was discovered to be a teenager. Arion Kurtaj from London.

Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive immediately took legal action against the incident. This led to the discovery of more sinister acts committed by the hacker. Arion Kurtaj is currently under the jurisdiction of a London court awaiting his trial.

GTA 6 leaker faces multiple charges related to cyber crime

According to a report from Reuters titled “Uber, Revolt, grand theft auto maker hacked by teenagers, London court hears,” Arion Kurtaj, the main suspect in the infamous GTA 6 leak, is now on trial on multiple charges from several organizations.

The hacker has been charged with 12 offences, including three blackmail cases, two fraud cases and six charges under the Computer Misuse Act. According to prosecutors, Arion Kurtaj not only hacked Rockstar Games’ servers and leaked GTA 6 gameplay videos, but also threatened studio staff about divulging the game’s source codes.

However, psychiatrists declared GTA 6 leaker Arion Kurtaj unfit for trials, which delayed the entire process. According to a Reuters report, the jury will decide whether or not the hacker was involved in the alleged crimes, rather than handing down a final verdict immediately.

Arion is an 18-year-old teenage boy from the hacker group “Lapsus$”. According to the report, he is also involved in an unnamed crime involving a minor (17 years old).

Both have been involved in a number of cybercrime-related operations involving large organizations such as Uber, Nvidia, Rockstar Games, BT Group ( BT.L ), the City of London Police and British national mobile network operator and internet service EE Ltd. The donor

Kurtaj is accused of hacking the controlled domains of several companies and leaking sensitive data. Firms like Revolut and Uber have lost billions of dollars due to his actions.

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