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Check out 13 minutes of Armored Core 6 gameplay

Check out 13 minutes of Armored Core 6 gameplay

As Rubicon’s fire heats up, FromSoftware has released an in-depth look Armored Core VIThe gameplay of The roughly 13-minute presentation covers everything from armored core movement abilities and customization options to the types of enemies you’ll face as Mercenary 621.

from The trailer of the story released last weekWe know that, in AC6, Under the guidance of your handler, Walter, you take on the mantle of 621, a bioengineered human whose sole purpose is to pilot machines. We also know that you will fight for control of the mysterious but volatile resource coral from the only planet in the galaxy: Rubicon.

Inn Armored Core VIYour machines are heavy, but they can move. It’s truly fascinating how FromSoftware designed these mechs to convey the heft associated with a million-ton walking metal war machine. From the trailer, you’ll use those maneuvering skills to traverse “massive, multi-layered stages” that feature all kinds of environments, from majestic industrial plants to sand-swept deserts and frozen mountains.

Each core has four arms, one for each arm and shoulder, and Garage lets you customize each part to suit your play style. There are projectile weapons, energy swords, missile launchers, shields and more. You can modify your head unit and chest or “core” unit to give your mech the look you want.

in the fight Armored Core VI It doesn’t seem to rely too much on its precise dodging and attacking mechanics Soulsborn brothers But it doesn’t look like you can even spam missiles. Each enemy is vulnerable to a specific type of damage, and using enough of that damage will stun your enemy, briefly incapacitating them and leaving them vulnerable to full-on attacks.

In a neat bit from the trailer, the 621 needs to take a huge Mobile platform, breaking it down one by one. The trailer didn’t spoil much of the fight, but the scale and scale of the battle reminded me of this massive mecha boss fight. Neer: Automata.

Armored Core VI: Fires of the Rubicon Less than a month away, releasing on August 23rd on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

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