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Russia opens criminal investigation into journalist’s death in Ukraine

Russia opens criminal investigation into journalist’s death in Ukraine

Rostislav Shuravlev, a correspondent for Russia’s RIA news agency, poses for a picture in an undisclosed location in this July 22, 2023 file photo. | Photo credit: Reuters

Russia’s Investigative Committee said Sunday it had opened a criminal investigation into the killing of a Russian war reporter, an incident the country’s defense ministry previously accused Ukraine of using cluster munitions.

Armed Ukrainian gangs deliberately opened fire on a group of Russian journalists working near Pyatikhatka in Ukraine’s southeastern Zaporozhye region, the committee said on its website.

It did not specify what type of weapons or munitions were used, but said Rostislav Shuravlev, a journalist with the RIA state news agency, was killed.

His RIA colleague and journalist Konstantin Mikhalchevskiy and two employees of the Izvestia newspaper, Roman Polshakov and Dmitri Shikov, were injured, according to the report.

“As part of the investigation, the investigating officers will establish all the circumstances of the crime against the media representatives and those involved,” it said.

It said the chairman of the committee was nominating Shuravlev for a medal, “one of those journalists who always defends and tells the truth.”

Ukraine, which received cluster munitions from the US this month, has vowed to use them only to target enemy forces.

Reuters could not independently verify details of the incident. Both sides have used cluster munitions during Russia’s 17-month occupation of Ukraine.

Fireworks are banned by many countries because they rain over a wide area and pose a danger to civilians. Some bomblets do not explode immediately, but explode years later.

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