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Flooding likely on Sunday; Sunshine returns on Monday | Weather

Flooding likely on Sunday;  Sunshine returns on Monday |  Weather

Short term forecast

Sunday: Mostly cloudy and humid with showers and a T-storm. See localized or flash flooding. High: 82

Sunday Night: A lingering shower and storm early, otherwise partly cloudy and humid. Minus: 65

Monday: Warm and hazy sunshine. High: 90, Low: 67

Prediction summary

A flood watch issued by the National Weather Service till Sunday night indicates the possibility of flash floods due to heavy rains. A front system approaching Pennsylvania will interact with very moist air near the surface and produce showers and thunderstorms Sunday morning through Sunday evening. These storms can deliver intense rainfall that can overwhelm drainage systems and cause flooding in urban areas, streams, creeks, and other vulnerable areas. It is important to be alert and prepared for potential flooding hazards, especially at night when visibility is low. Do not attempt to drive the vehicle through waterlogged roads. Remember: “Turn, don’t sink!”. Monday will be a hot and dry day with slightly less humidity, but Tuesday will be more unsettled. Wednesday is expected to be the driest day of the week, before a return to moisture and increased chance of thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will remain in the mid-80s with highs and lows in the mid-60s throughout the week.

Detailed forecast


Sunday will bring the highest chance for some scattered showers and storms, some of which could cause localized or flash flooding. It won’t rain all day, with occasional sunshine. There’s also a risk of severe weather today – if a storm intensifies the main threat is damaging wind gusts or some rotations, so if warned there’s a way to take it! Temperatures will drop slightly, returning to the mid-80s in the afternoon and the mid-60s overnight, thanks to wet weather and more cloud cover.

Monday to Friday

Monday will be dry and thunderstorm-free, resulting in more sunshine and a high for the week near 90 degrees. Skies will be mostly sunny, warm and a little humid, but there will be a slight reduction in snow up front, making it a bit more pleasant than recently. A cooler front brings a higher chance of showers and storms Tuesday afternoon, with seasonal highs in the mid-80s. Wednesday will return to lower humidity levels and mostly sunny conditions, before afternoon humidity, showers and storms on Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will remain steady for the second half of the week, mainly in the mid-80s with nights in the mid- and upper 80s.

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