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Astronomy buffs, are you looking for the perfect spot for stargazing? « Euro Weekly News

Astronomy buffs, are you looking for the perfect spot for stargazing?  « Euro Weekly News

Astronomy buffs, are you looking for the perfect spot for stargazing? Image: Triff / Shutterstock.com

Formentera, south of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, was recently awarded Starlight Tourist Destination certification by the Starlight Foundation as one of the best places in the world to go stargazing.

This certification recognizes Formentera for its clear night sky, which allows astronomy enthusiasts to more clearly enjoy the panorama of stars above them.

The island’s environmental protection laws aim to reduce light pollution levels, and during the off-season between October and May, visitor volumes are low, making it an ideal time to see the stars.

Then visiting will allow the guests to enjoy The natural beauty of Formentera Discover why the island is recognized as a prime destination to enjoy astronomy at its fullest potential.

Many festivals are held across the island where visitors are invited to enjoy the stories told by the locals under the blanket of stars.

From stunning scenery to exquisite gastronomy and pristine beaches, there’s plenty to discover in Formentera before the spectacular displays in the sky.

A great place to see the stars is on one of Formentera’s stunning beaches, for example in the Barbaria area, where guests can find the well-known. The lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria.

The lighthouse is located at the southern tip of the Balearic Islands archipelago, making it a special enclave to enjoy the night sky in Formentera, especially on new moon nights.

Other ideal spots are Torre des Garoveret, where there is no light pollution, as the nearest town is about six kilometers away, and Caen Marouig, with its varied rocky landscape surrounded by nature.

The lighthouse at La Mola is the highest point on the island, meaning it’s a great spot for panoramic views and good stargazing. This is the chosen place to visit for sunrise in Formentera.

To see the sunset in all its glory, a trip to Faro de Cap de Barbaria, Cala Zona Beach or Illetas Beach is recommended.

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