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‘Because the big engine failed…’: Shashi Tharoor on Manipur horror | Latest news India

‘Because the big engine failed…’: Shashi Tharoor on Manipur horror |  Latest news India

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said the situation in Manipur shows what happens when a double-engine car stalls but the fault is not the smaller engine as a double-engine car will not stop simply because of the failure of the smaller one. Blaming the larger engine plant for the situation, Tharoor tweeted, “Manipur gang-rape, nude padding incident happened due to big engine failure.” In 2022, the BJP won an absolute majority in Manipur and N Biren Singh became the Chief Minister for the second consecutive term.

Shashi Tharoor had earlier said that he was happy that PM Modi had broken his silence on Manipur. (PTI/File Photo)

The statement came amid a heated exchange between BJP leaders and the opposition after a video of a nude parade of two women in Manipur went viral. Nationwide outrage prompted the Manipur government to press into action and six accused have been arrested so far, though the FIR was lodged a month ago. PM Modi expressed anger and pain over the incident, while the opposition demanded PM Modi’s statement on the Manipur unrest in Parliament. On the other hand, the BJP accused the opposition of running away from the debate on Manipur.

Manipur communal violence, viral video, security beefed up in Mizoram: 10 points

1. 77 days after the incident, a video of the two Kuki women’s nude parade has been released, sparking protests across the country.

2. Iram Sharmila, who has been on hunger strike for 16 years demanding repeal of AFSPA in Manipur, says the state government of Manipur has completely failed.

3. Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal reached Imphal on Sunday and said she has sought time from the Governor and Chief Minister of Manipur.

4. Congress says that unless Biren Singh resigns there will be no movement towards peace in Manipur.

5. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin said that athletes from Manipur can come to his state for training which the BJP condemned and said that the CM had suddenly woken up.

6. The conflagration of violence has reached neighboring Mizoram as many families from the Meiti community have started fleeing the state amid renewed unrest in Manipur.

7. According to reports, 78 Meitei flew to Manipur on Sunday, 65 flew a day earlier, though it is not known whether they traveled for work or fear. Another 41 Meiti people traveled to Assam by road from Mizoram.

8. After the murder in Manipur, another case of gang rape has come to light. This incident also happened on May 4. Here also the victims are from the Kuki community.

9. BJP accuses Opposition of running away from debate on Manipur in Parliament as Opposition demands PM Modi’s speech in Parliament.

10. On Manipur issue, BJP questions Congress’ silence on ‘similar incidents’ in Rajasthan, West Bengal.


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