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5 Best GTA RP Servers to Join in 2023, Ranked

5 Best GTA RP Servers to Join in 2023, Ranked

GTA RP is one of the most popular aspects of playing Grand Theft Auto 5 in multiplayer mode. Although Rockstar Games has already provided an official multiplayer version called Grand Theft Auto Online, roleplaying is an unofficial way to play the game using third-party services. RP servers are created and maintained by independent bodies, but they use Rockstar Games properties to host their gameplay.

GTA Roleplaying started in 2015 and is still going strong. Although many players have tried multiple servers, new players may have some trouble starting their journey. This article lists and ranks the top five RP servers that GTA 5 players can join in 2023.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

5 Best GTA 5 RP Servers to Try in 2023

5) EchoRP

EchoRP offers many gameplay options that you can try to have a great time in the game. It is one of the most popular GTA 5 RP servers in 2023 and has over 40 thousand active members. The developers describe the server as follows:

EchoRP is a well-established FiveM roleplay community that aims to deliver virtual realism through serious roleplay.”

It offers custom scripts, unique costumes, realistic vehicle handling, balanced economy, and many other aspects that make the RP server stand out from the crowd. Interested players can visit its official website (https://echorp.net/) to join the game.

4) TwitchRP

If you are a regular Twitch streamer, TwitchRP GTA RP is one of the best servers to try in 2023. As the name suggests, the server is a hub for gamers and Twitch streamers and offers a balanced gameplay experience for all. It has a global community of over 20,000 members.

You can participate in many jobs that are not available in the official games like recycling, delivery, mechanic, car dealership, fishing, mining and hunting. However, you also need to follow strict rules to continue playing on the GTA RP server.

3) Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is a popular server used by the RageMP client to host the game. As usual, you have to install the same setup to join the server. It promotes a peaceful experience and requires all players to follow the same rules. Any tricks like GTA Online cashouts or power gaming are strictly prohibited.

One thing to note is that members of the Eclipse RP server use voice chat to communicate with each other, so all members should have a pair of headphones and a mic. Interested players can visit their website (https://eclipse-rp.net/) and apply to join the game.

2) GTA World RP

GTA World RP promotes itself as a text-based roleplay server, and is also the only server that uses in-game chatting to communicate instead of voice. As a result, it has become popular among players who don’t want to talk to strangers on the Internet, but still want to experience RPG gaming.

However, this unique aspect makes the joining process quite lengthy. The server is constantly busy and many players are always waiting to join the game. However, you can become a patron to speed up the process. The Grand Theft Auto roleplaying server uses the RageMP client.

1) NoPixel

NoPixel is one of the best and most popular GTA 5 RP servers in 2023.

However, the admission process is very long and difficult. Although moderators offer a free join server, many fans prefer to pay for their spots. The server can host up to 200 players, but it only allows 32 at a time. Many Grand Theft Auto 6 fans are hoping for a similar RP experience in the upcoming game.

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