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The best resistance bands for your home gym in 2023

The best resistance bands for your home gym in 2023

This year, we made a summer resolution (it’s not a thing, but we do it anyway) to simplify our workouts. We want to work hard, but we shouldn’t feel like we need a trip to the urgent care every time we work out because we’ve gone too hard.

That means going back to simple exercises that pack a punch. Happily, Amazon has a treasure trove of home fitness gear. Amazon Basics Free Weights (currently on sale) and a large array Resistance bands It can be used with all types of exercise to create maximum burn.

Our favorite resistance bands featured in this article

What to Look for in a Resistance Band Set

Resistance band workouts may seem simple, but they’re actually pretty easy. Band sets like on-sale Weak resistance bands Can provide up to 75 pounds of resistance (when stacked together). They can be anchored to a door, replicating the home gym experience.

Here are some top reasons why we love resistance band workouts:

  • Resistance bands target different body parts for a full body workout
  • Bands are more affordable Free weight
  • Bands can travel with you so take up very little space
  • As your strength increases, you can easily increase the level of resistance
  • Light resistance can be used for physical therapy (with your doctor’s approval).

What we look for in a resistance band set: First and foremost, we’re looking for band sets that don’t curl up while in use and don’t look at you. Being at the tail end of a resistance band mid-workout (yikes!), we looked for stronger products, even if they cost a little more. Overall, band sets aren’t expensive — even the top-rated ones. We prefer quality over a flimsy band set that we have to replace after a few workouts.

Types of resistance bands: A resistance band can be used for anything from the glutes to the shoulders and chest. The band’s resistance acts as a weight, creating tension that the muscles build.

  • Loop bands Most commonly used for hip and glute workouts, but users have been known to get creative with their workouts. Loop bands are usually inexpensive (in the $20 range for a set of three), but made from thin latex can curl or dig into the skin. We prefer fabric loop bands or large plastic bands.
  • Tube bands Often used for arm, chest, and shoulder exercises, it can sometimes be attached to a door for added resistance. Tube bands can also include figure 8 bands (which literally look like a figure 8), great for chest exercises and some lower body workouts.

Best Resistance Bands on Amazon in 2023

When shopping for resistance bands, we looked for sets knowing that as our strength increased we would increase the resistance. We looked for both tube bands and loop bands, determining one from the other. Of course, we looked for good deals.

Loop Band Sets: Arena Strength Fabric Bootie Bands


A simple (and not easy) way to activate your glutes and lower body at home, or warm up your legs before a workout, Arena Fitness’ band set was created using CrossFit coaches to determine the best size and resistance for each band. Each of the three bands is a different strength level made of fabric rather than traditional latex, which is usually rolled or dug.

These sets come with a carry case and a 15-page printed workout program to amp up the workout and get a harder (if that’s what you want) lower body workout. Suitable for men and women of any strength level.

Reviewers have rated this resistance band 4.8 stars on Amazon.

Arena Strength Fabric Bootie Bands, $29


Loop bands that stay in place: Desire resistance bands set


Made from solid rubber that won’t roll or slip, these bands are designed to enable over 150 different movements and exercises. There are three defense levels suitable for all levels. This set is perfect for physical therapy or injury rehabilitation as well as home workouts.

The best part? These 4.7-star-rated resistance bands are on sale for under $10.

Desire Resistance Bands Set, $10 (reduced from $13)

$10 on Amazon

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Tube Bands: Week Mobile Gym Resistance Band Set


The maximum weight of this adjustable tube band set is equal to 150 pounds. It comes as a set of five, 48-inch-long, color-coded exercise bands ranging from 10 pounds (yellow) to 50 pounds (red).

This set works as a versatile mobile gym, using the bands that can be attached to the door frame for pulley-like exercises or the ankle straps for legs, glutes and hips.

These 4.6-star rated bands are lightweight, portable and easy to store. The set comes with a cloth travel pouch, which means you can take the set with you on summer trips, though there’s no excuse not to exercise on vacation. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Week Mobile Gym Resistance Band Set, $23 (reduced from $34)


Dynapro adjustable band set


Dyno Pro’s adjustable, professional-quality loop bands are large enough to complete a shoulder press. The band’s unique double latex construction means the bands won’t snap mid-workout and can hold up to the intensity of your workout. Attached comfort handles make exercise simple — no clips to attach and detach. Grab these bands and start your workout.

The set comes with five uniquely colored loop bands ranging from 10 to 50 pounds of maximum resistance. Each band is 60 inches long. Given 4.4 stars.

Dynapro Adjustable Band Set Comfort Handles, $38


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