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‘Bring a vegan lunch’: Company rules for employees spark debate | trending

‘Bring a vegan lunch’: Company rules for employees spark debate |  trending

Social media has become a place for people to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences about various aspects of their lives, including their workplaces. While many share fun moments and inspirational achievements, others share about workplace rules and policies. Recently, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of a dog rescue center’s vegan-only policy, sparking a debate on Reddit.

The company’s vegan policy became a hot topic on Reddit after a Reddit user shared a screenshot of an email she received following a job application. (Reddit/@Reezeyyy)

One person shared a screenshot on Reddit’s ‘mildly provocative’ community, writing, “Applied for a job and got this in an email. Can they really force this on me or not hire me based on this? A screenshot of the email lists several questions that help the company shortlist applicants. One of them is: “Our workplaces are strictly vegetarian. You don’t have to go vegan away from work, but you do need to bring a vegan lunch and eat on site or eat lunch off site. Can you confirm that you are comfortable with this? ” This particular question sparked a debate online about whether or not a company can dictate what their employees eat in the office.

Check out the post here:

After being shared a few hours ago, the post has received over 13,200 upvotes. In addition, it has also garnered many comments from netizens.

Here’s how people responded to the viral Reddit post:

“If the pay was good enough I’d be a vegetarian at work,” one person posted. Another shared, “Can’t see how Coca-Cola employees drink stuff like Pepsi.” “I worked at a Jewish community center and I was subjected to kosher laws. No pork. Meat is not served with dairy products,” said a third. A fourth joined in, “That’s very strange. Some startups do the best they can’t hire, lol. To this, one person replied, “It’s common for vegan brands like “Beyond Meat.” To be fair, it would be a little weird to eat your ham and egg sandwich in the office of a company that wants to eventually replace meat. A fifth commented, “That’s stupid. So if I worked at Honda I’d have a Honda. Can only drive?

Some in the comments shared that they work for vegan companies and there are no such rules. One person wrote, “I work for a very well-known vegan food company and we have no such rules. All meals and snacks in the office are vegetarian, but you can bring whatever you want to eat. People always bring non-vegan treats to share. “My wife sells a lot of products to Impossible and Beyond Meat and they don’t have requirements like this,” commented another.

Some also shared that companies can ban anything they want on their premises. “I mean, you can ban whatever you want on your own premises. You can allow “zero meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, etc” in this property rule. “Food preference is not a protected class. Yes, they can decide not to hire you because of this,” another chimed in. A third noted, “It’s perfectly normal for companies not to hire people who don’t share the same vision as the company.” What are your thoughts on this?

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