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‘Call us what you want…’: Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi as India sparks thorny controversy | Latest news India

‘Call us what you want…’: Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi as India sparks thorny controversy |  Latest news India

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his comments about opposition alliance India and said “call us what you want”, but “we will rebuild India” and “the idea of ​​India in Manipur”.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi slammed the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance or India as the most directionless the country has ever been and cited scornful names like the East India Company and Indian Mujahideen, stressing that people cannot be misled by the mere use of country names.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi said that the Prime Minister had told the BJP parliamentary party meeting that the opposition had behaved as if they had decided to stay in the opposition for a long time.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ramesh Vidhuri said the Prime Minister said even those who planned to divide the country had names like East India Company and Indian Mujahideen, but people would not be confused by this strategy.

Former Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Modi told BJP leaders that the Indian National Congress and the East India Company were founded by foreigners.

He said people were also using names like Indian Mujahideen and Popular Front of India and their reality was completely different from what they tried to project.

Modi’s comments sparked a massive war of words between opposition and BJP leaders.

“We will rebuild the concept of India in Manipur,” tweeted Rahul Gandhi.

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge also reacted to Modi’s words and urged him to make a “comprehensive” statement in both houses of Parliament on the violence in Manipur.

Kharge said the Prime Minister should make a comprehensive statement in Parliament for the 83 days of continuous violence in Manipur.

“The story of absolute horror is now slowly receding. India demands response from Modi govt on Manipur violence,” he said on Twitter.

Kharge said it was time for Modi to shed his “ego” and take the country into confidence in Manipur.

“We demand a statement in the House by the Prime Minister on the burning and emotive issue of Manipur which is adversely affecting Indian democratic politics and after a detailed and comprehensive discussion,” Kharge said in his notice that the violence in the northeastern state continues even after two months.

The opposition has been demanding a statement from the Prime Minister in both houses of Parliament on the situation in Manipur, following which discussions took place.

Congress MP Randeep Surjewala alleged that the Prime Minister is insulting the country and freedom fighters. “He has time to speak in the US Parliament but no time to speak about Manipur in the country’s parliament. Why does he hate Indian constitution and parliament? Surjewala told news agency ANI.

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh said, “We have never seen a Prime Minister who is afraid to answer in Parliament and if he has so much problem with the word ‘Bharat’, he should remove ‘India’ from BJP for India, Startup India and others. We are proud of the name ‘Bharat’.

# See Delhi: Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal said, “The opposition’s only demand was that PM Modi should start talks. I want to remind you that when Union HM Amit Shah called a meeting on the Manipur issue, this PM’s issue was not there. After the all-party meeting of the floor leaders. Even so, they (Opposition) demanded to accept it immediately. He demanded Rajnath Singh to talk.”

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