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Can Weather Cause Joint Pain?

Can Weather Cause Joint Pain?

A UK study found that people with conditions such as arthritis were more likely to experience pain on days with high humidity, strong winds and low barometric pressure.

“As stress decreases, our tissues such as muscles, ligaments, soft tissue, and connective tissue expand,” explained Andrew Bang, DC, chiropractor at the Cleveland Clinic. “If you have arthritis, like osteoarthritis, the space in your joint has already decreased. The pressure change expands those cells, so they are now fighting arthritis. Maybe that’s why people feel more pain when the barometric pressure changes.

Dr. Bang, who was not involved in the study, said many patients experience joint pain when the weather changes.

Whether it’s hot or cold, extreme temperatures aggravate people, he noted.

Theories about why differ and studies on the topic have yielded mixed results.

But to deal with joint pain, Dr. Bang encourages people to be active.

With so many people working from home, he recommends getting up from your desk when possible and doing some simple exercise throughout the day.

“If you have a standing desk, this is a great time to stand in a meeting. You can also do isometrics,” says Dr. Bang said. “I like isometrics because they are simple and effective. For example, let’s say my shoulders and back are tight. I can push my hands together really hard and hold them for a while.

Doing these exercises consistently is the key to finding relief from joint pain, says Dr. Bang said.

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