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Canadian Cancer Society monthly challenges get people moving

Canadian Cancer Society monthly challenges get people moving

The need to connect with the community and stay active arose out of Covid, and with it came online challenges and groups.

Every few months, the Canadian Cancer Society presents a series of new challenges on Facebook designed to get people moving and engaging with each other. On August 1, three new challenges – a 15 km swim, a 50 km dog walk and a 62 km row – will begin.

“So far, we’ve done two different challenges,” says Lina Mohamed, vice-president of mass marketing at the Canadian Cancer Society. “In April, we had over 14,000 people join the 80km run, which raised over $1.5 million. In June, we did a 50km dog walk, with about 13,000 people registered, raising about $850,000.

Fundraising goals for each challenge start at $100,000.

Challenges take place throughout the month, not all at once, so whether you have two legs or four, you don’t have to worry about moving 50km at once. Groups on Facebook are set up for each individual challenge, so participants can interact with people who share their interests, encourage each other and engage in healthy competition along the way.

“This is an opportunity for like-minded individuals who want to meet their fitness goals with friends, their family or colleagues while supporting a great cause,” says Muhammad.

As with other philanthropic initiatives, the fundraising aspect of the challenge occurs as people look to raise funds themselves or raise funds from friends and family.

The Canadian Cancer Society came up with the idea for the challenges of the COVID era as a way to ensure people can keep moving and stay connected. The movement was especially important to promote in the early days of the pandemic when it was difficult to collect. CCS’s ComPARE study, released in 2019, found that nearly 40 percent of cancers in Canada could be prevented through healthy lifestyles and health-promoting policies.

The comPARE studies identified five major preventive factors, including smoking, physical inactivity, overweight, poor diet, and excessive sun exposure.

Three new challenges will begin on August 1st. More information about the challenges, how to get involved and start fundraising, can be found on the various Canadian Cancer Society Challenge Facebook pages.

Click here for the swimming challenge.
Click here for the Dog Walk Challenge.
And click here for the rowing challenge.

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