• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

A warm week with highs in the 90s

A warm week with highs in the 90s

A warm week ahead with 90-plus days likely.

Could start Monday depending on wind time on the lake.

Skies will be mostly sunny with some smoke from Canadian wildfires creating some haze.

Tuesday will be a few degrees warmer, but not too humid. Highs will be in the 90s under mostly sunny skies.

Wednesday could be in the mid 90s if storms aren’t widespread.

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Thursday will be warm in the mid 90s.

Friday will be in the low 90s, with a higher chance of storms in the area.

Any storm this week could be strong, so we need to prepare for that, but it’s impossible to pinpoint the timing of any serious events right now. The weekend won’t be so hot.

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