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China reveals details about plans to send astronauts to the moon |  Indept with ILA

Published : July 25, 2023, 08:30

Hi ILA you are watching deeply with me. China has revealed for the first time details of its plans to land astronauts on the moon by the end of the decade. If the mission succeeds, China will become the second country after the United States to achieve this feat. Here are the details revealed for its manned lunar mission. China will probably send 3 astronauts for the mission. Two of them will likely ride on a lander to set foot on the moon, and the third will pilot a command and service spacecraft into lunar orbit. China also aims to establish a research center to conduct systematic and continuous lunar exploration in the future. The Chinese space agency is partnering with Russia’s Roscosmos to build a joint lunar base by the mid-2030s. Since the launch of its first orbiter, Chang’e 1, in 2007, China has made great progress in its lunar probes. The latest in the series, Chang’e 5, was launched in November 2020. A rover was landed on the moon on December 1 of that year and returned to Earth two weeks later with 2kg of lunar soil.

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