• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Crypto Regulation Uncertainty Boosts Blockchain Gaming on Web3

Crypto Regulation Uncertainty Boosts Blockchain Gaming on Web3

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Authorities around the world are stepping up oversight of the cryptocurrency industry. Blockchain Gaming Standing firm in the face of disruptive regulatory change Crypto Industry. A new quarterly industry report by DappRadar says blockchain is the biggest factor in gaming. Web3 The world is almost unmoved by the ongoing market turmoil. Out of the dApp market, Blockchain games It managed a 37% split between April and June this year.

Because it allows Web3 elements like NFTs to create a more immersive experience and gives gamers full ownership of the in-game assets they purchase, Blockchain The gaming community attracts more members. These resources can be 3D props, clothing, virtual equipment, and weapons that gamers can exchange or lease.

According to its report, DappRadar said that the dominance of blockchain gaming, generally speaking, the Web3 area was 45% in January and Word this year, maintaining only a small slip in the second quarter of this year.

“Information suggests a unique industry that is setting and answering new difficulties and opening doors in the blockchain space. In the second quarter of 2023, day-to-day extraordinary dynamic wallets (dUAW) drawn by on-chain increased by 7.97 percent compared to the previous quarter. This rise can be considered as a good sign that the market is improving. Expansion of dUAW signals continued with client commitment and adoption of DAPs. The gaming area maintains its strength,” DubRadar noted in its new report.

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