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Desert Hills Presbyterian Church has announced its summer fitness class schedule

Desert Hills Presbyterian Church has announced its summer fitness class schedule

Desert Hills Presbyterian Church (DHPC) is pleased to announce a new summer class schedule as part of its popular Fitness at the Rocks program, which encourages people to be physically, spiritually and socially active. While classes are open to all ages and fitness levels, classes are designed to help seniors 55 and older improve their physical and cognitive health. Classes at DHPC Fellowship Center, 34605 N. Tom Darlington Rd., Scottsdale, Ariz. 85266; All Fitness on the Rocks classes are free, while the BrainSavers total body class is $5.00 per session.

Physical fitness classes will include “Strength, Core & Restore” held Mondays at 8am and Wednesdays at 1pm – created by certified exercise specialist Cara Thomas – author of the “50 Minute Fitness Retreat DVD” featured in Pilates Style Magazine. An effective fitness fusion class will stimulate participants through low-impact cardio exercises to condition the heart, burn calories and increase lung capacity. On Wednesdays at 8 a.m., the Morning Stretch & Balance class – set against a beautiful rocky backdrop – will encourage participants to improve flexibility, coordination, circulation and balance while reducing muscle stiffness and easing arthritic symptoms. There will be modifications for all fitness levels. Thursdays at noon, “Sit, stretch, and strengthen with chair exercises!” The focus will be on exercises that can be done while sitting on a chair or mat. Suitable for those with physical limitations, this class is designed to improve flexibility, circulation, muscle and core strength, posture and breathing. Other highlights of the summer class schedule include June’s “Strengthen Against Osteoporosis” month (all sessions will feature additional information on bone health), themed cardio dance classes on June 21 and July 19 at 1 p.m., and a healthy cooking class. July 12 at 11.30 am

In addition to helping people increase physical well-being, Fitness at Rocks offers BrainSavers classes for brain and body fitness. Board-certified neurologist Dr. Created by Paul Bendheim – author of The Brain Training Revolution – Brainsavers are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent age-related cognitive decline.

Class sessions will begin with fun cognitive exercises that help improve memory skills, followed by fitness activities where participants can stand or sit in a chair. With modifications for all fitness levels, the class format includes a low-impact warm-up, muscle-toning exercises, stretching and relaxation.

To learn more about DHPC’s summer fitness classes, visit https://deserthills.org/fitness-at-the-rocks/. To register for classes, contact the Church Health and Fitness Director at 480-488-3384.

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