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Dog argues with man after being told off for making a mess | trending

Dog argues with man after being told off for making a mess |  trending

dogs Sometimes when you leave them alone at home they can cause trouble. However, how do they react when their pets ask their parents about the mess they’ve created? While some try to hide their embarrassment, others try to confine it to their dogs or cats. These dogs, named Blue, did no such thing. Instead, he argued with his man to prove his point. A video of their conversation has left people in splits.

The film is about a dog arguing with a man. (Reddit/@HeyImDadMe)

The video has been shared Reddit Captioned, “Can’t lose the argument if I scream until you give in.” The clip opens to show the chaos Blue has created. His man asks him who did it. However, when she starts to speak, Neela starts screaming loudly without stopping for a second. This goes on for a while until the human accepts her defeat.

Watch the video of a dog arguing with its human:

Do you laugh out loud? You’re not alone in how people responded to the video’s comment section to share their reactions to this dog. Many took the dog’s side and gleefully expressed how the adorable feline was right.

What did Reddit users say about this video of a dog arguing with a human?

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The video was posted a day ago. Since being shared, it has collected nearly 3,600 upvotes and counting. What are your thoughts on this video of a dog arguing with his pet parent about a mess he made?

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