• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Fitness Queen Reveals Secret Health Fear

Fitness queen Kayla Itsines shares a personal health scare she experienced during her second pregnancy.

Kayla Itsines on set with Body+Soul.

In an interview with Busy This week, the 32-year-old revealed she was 20 weeks pregnant with son Jax, who she and fiancee Jay Woodroffe welcomed in January – and doctors found fluid on her brain.

Itsines didn’t mention it on social media because she didn’t want to create “massive drama online” — because everything was fine.

However, doctors told her at the time that they didn’t know if everything would be fine in eight or nine weeks. A nurse urged Itsines not to Google the condition because it would make her nervous — leaving her and Woodroffe in limbo for two months.

“At one point, she called a psychic she knew and told her the child was fine, (and) it was a boy,” Busy The article said.

“She’s not that type of person, but she’ll take the expectations she gets. Eight weeks later, the scan came back and everything was fine. The child is fine, it was a boy.

Kayla Itsines shared a personal health scare she experienced during her second pregnancy. Image: Instagram

She and fiance Jay Woodroffe welcomed their son, Jax Stokes Woodroffe, in January. Image: Instagram

“So I went through all that stuff, but … yeah,” Itsines told the outlet.

“I want women to be confident, strong and beautiful and not be told they can’t do something when they clearly can. Like a box jump. just do it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Itsines, Australia’s most famous and successful personal trainer, said he “doesn’t want people to compare themselves to me”.

“I grew up in a bubble and I’m still in a bubble. No one has their whole family (live) on the same street (like me). Are you kidding me? I still have my grandparents. I haven’t lost anyone. I don’t know what pain really is.

However, given the aforementioned experience — as Itsense’s assistant points out in the story, she was told, “You felt hurt. You felt things” – that’s not entirely true.

‘I grew up in a bubble and I’m still in a bubble.’ Image: Instagram

Another example – split from ex-fiancée and business partner Toby Pearce in 2020, a year after the couple had daughter Arna.

spoke candidly about the end of the relationship for the first time in an extended chat with Itsine Australian Financial Review In June, she reflected that she had “no idea” how she and Pierce became a couple.

While he was “money-driven, business-minded,” Itsines described itself as “creative” and “for the people” when it came to its fitness program, the Bikini Body Guide, and its health and fitness app, SWEAT.

“We are polar opposites of each other. “I look back and I’m like, ‘I don’t know how it all happened,'” she said AFR.

“I couldn’t have done it without him, he couldn’t have done it without me, but … I still don’t know how it all happened.”

Itsines with former business partner and fiance Toby Pearce. Image: Instagram

Itsines is now engaged to Woodroffe, who was first linked in September 2021. Image: Instagram

“Nothing about my previous relationship was easy,” she added.

“I never let it show. It’s not me. I was known as a friend, someone who was positive and enthusiastic … (but) it was always difficult. It was always a battle,” Itsines said.

“Going back and looking at my years with Toby, I don’t really think we were the same. I am a fixer. I want to (make sure) your day is the best day possible. If you are in my home, I want to make sure you feel warm, comfortable and loved. that’s me.

“Toby came to me with no family, no sense of it. I thought, ‘I’ll fix you.’ He told me, ‘We’re dating. Now we are starting a business. Now we do this.

Itsines are now engaged to Woodroffe, who first tied the knot in September 2021.

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