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Film Exhibitors Organization to shut cinema theaters in Kerala for two days

Film Exhibitors Organization to shut cinema theaters in Kerala for two days

Kochi, Jun 6 (PTI) The Film Exhibitors United Organization of Kerala (FEUOK) on Tuesday said it will shut cinema halls in the state on June 7 and 8 to protest against the early release of films on OTT platforms.

FEUOK’s decision comes after the makers of successful theatrical runs ‘2018’ (2023) and ‘Pachuvum Mihawal Valakkum’ (2023) agreed to premiere on OTT platforms.

The films ‘2018’ and ‘Pachuvum Mihawam Vilkum’ were running successfully in theatres. We have decided to protest against the early release of such films on OTT platforms by closing cinema theaters on June 7 and 8. ..

FEUOK president K Vijayakumar said in a press conference that we have repeatedly requested the government to allow OTT release of films only after a certain period of time after their theatrical release.

He said that early release of films would make it difficult for theater owners to run cinemas.

“Cinema halls cannot be run in parallel with OTT platforms. A solution needs to be found. Moviegoers left the theaters after the OTT release dates of these films were announced. If the producer had waited a few more days, ‘2018’ would have become the first Malayalam film to collect 200 crores in Kerala,” he said.

He claimed that the film ‘2018’ collected between Rs 150 crore and Rs 200 crore.

“As far as we understand, the government has received around Rs 60 crore in tax revenue,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ariesplex SL Cinemas said on Facebook that it will shut its screens in protest against the early release of Malayalam films on OTT platforms.

“Let’s support the big screen experience together!” The post said.

FEUOK officials said the two-day shutdown was a symbolic protest.

FEOUK reiterated that under an agreement, producers can release films on OTT platforms only 42 days after their initial theatrical release.

However, this agreement was not considered by the makers of ‘2018’ and ‘Green Lantern’, alleged FEUOK.

According to reports, ‘2018’ collected Rs 160 crore in 25 days and became the first film to cross Rs 100 crore in 10 days.

Meanwhile, another exhibitors’ union, the Film Exhibitors Federation, has decided to screen the films as part of the protest, sources said.

The federation is of the view that while ‘2018’ and ‘Pachuvum Mihawa Ladakum’ are performing well in cinema halls, showing them on OTT is putting the theater sector in crisis. PTI RRT RRT SS

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