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Early weather forecasts call for a cool and rainy Open Championship

Early weather forecasts call for a cool and rainy Open Championship

Preliminary weather forecasts from Hoylake call for a cool and rainy Open Championship. That being said, it looks like the players will be spared a crazy week from Mother Nature.

Although match dates are still uncertain, Royal Liverpool are expected to see high temperatures in the 60s throughout the week, with alternating periods of dry and wet weather and a steady but not terrible wind. (Winds hit 35 mph on Sunday’s preview day.)

Here’s the daily forecast through Wednesday’s final training day:

• Monday – A high of 64 degrees, with some rain expected, even a small thunderstorm. Winds up to 22 mph in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy all day.

• Tuesday – Another high of 64. Cloudy, with showers around noon. Although “heavy gusts” are expected in the afternoon, winds will drop to the high single digits.

• Wednesday – 63 High. Clouds will clear in the afternoon with little chance of rain throughout the day. Winds with gusts as high as 18 mph and gusts as high as 28 mph.

As for Thursday-Sunday, the official Open weather forecast says: “Greater uncertainty than previous days. A mostly dry, moderately windy climate with some rainfall; Winds are mainly from the west. Although less confident, there is a longer chance of rain over the weekend with more variable winds. Daytime temperatures are cooler than average.

In other words, the truly bad things will be held back.

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