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Everything we know about Valorant Agent 23: release window, first teasers, and more

Everything we know about Valorant Agent 23: release window, first teasers, and more

Published: 2023-06-06T02:39:42

Updated: 2023-06-06T02:39:53

Valorant devs have teased Agent 23 in the early days, and here’s everything we know about the character’s eventual launch, including a release window, their first teasers, rumors and more.

After the release of the latest Agent in Gecko, Valorant’s devs are gearing up to bring fans a new character. In the latest dev diary, players not only got confirmation of the new Team Deathmatch game mode, but also new teasers for two new agents coming out in 2023.

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So, here’s everything you need to know about Agent 23, including its expected release window, teasers, speculative origin, and more.

Valorant Agent 23: Release Window

Agent 23 was mentioned as the next upcoming Agent release. As for the exact release date, nothing has been confirmed yet.

However, the agent reveals Riot lining up with the grand finals of the VCT tournaments. See for example Gekko’s or Fade’s announcement accompanying the conclusion of VCT LOCK//IN and VCT Masters Reykjavik 2022 respectively.

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With VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 on the horizon, it’s highly likely that Agent 23’s announcement will come during the tournament. The finals week of Masters Tokyo is coming up on June 21st, and we’ll probably get an official reveal by then, perhaps with a show match as its first public gameplay.

Valorant Agent 23: Abilities

Devs have already given us a few teasers about what Agent 23’s abilities and role might be. First, Agent 23 will be a Sentinel, making them the fifth Sentinel in Valiant’s lineup.

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As for their abilities, nothing has been confirmed yet. However, the developer teased the agent’s capabilities, describing them as someone who “stops you in your tracks and draws you in to take a closer look.”

It’s not entirely clear what the developer intended, but it could be something similar to Life Weaver’s Life Grip from Overwatch 2, which draws teammates closer to them when they’re in range.

We’ll update you here as we get more news about Agent 23’s capabilities.

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Valorent Agent 23: Speculative Origins and Story

In the initial dev diary, Riot gave us a teaser image for Agent 23, and players are already speculating about the character’s country of origin and the story the image is based on, as well as descriptions of the lore we got from messages at the firing range.

In the teaser image, a mug of coffee and a plate of waffles can be seen on the left side of the image. Since Belgium is famous for its waffles, players assume that the agent will be of Belgian descent.

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However, recent messages on the firing range have made several references to Norway, and one player pointed out that the brown stuff on top of the waffles could be brunost or brown cheese. Commonly eaten with foods like waffles and bread.

If the speculation is correct, this would make Agent 23 the second Scandinavian agent in Valorant, after Breach from Sweden. It may not be far fetched to guess that their legends are intertwined.

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That’s all we know about the upcoming Agent 23 so far. As new details emerge in the near future, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here.

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