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NASA keeps an eye from above as temperatures rise in Florida

NASA keeps an eye from above as temperatures rise in Florida

Ocean temperatures off the coast of Florida have risen five degrees above normal since early July.

Above our heads around the world, NASA is monitoring record-breaking temperatures and the effects of climate change.

NASA has used research and data from its satellites and other sensors to shed light on some of our planet’s extreme weather. Last month was the warmest June on record, with ocean temperatures soaring.

At the conference held on ThursdayJuly 21 NASA’s Gavin Schmidt says it’s because of our carbon footprint.

We’ve been seeing record breaking sea surface temperatures even outside the tropics for several months now, and we expect that to continue.

Gavin Schmidt

These results from a changing climate are not surprising, Schmidt says, adding that temperatures have been rising for decades. They will continue to rise until greenhouse gas emissions are capped, he said.

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