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A rare Gemballa Mirage GT delivered to a private jet may be the epitome of cool

A rare Gemballa Mirage GT delivered to a private jet may be the epitome of cool

Gemballa is known for a number of things, such as building powerful and expensive upgrade kits for all kinds of supercars, and the Mirage GT based on the Porsche Carrera GT might be one of its best creations.

The Carrera GT was Porsche’s halo car in the 2000s, packed with features loved by car enthusiasts the world over, starting with a naturally aspirated 5.7-liter V10 that put out 603 horsepower and 435 pound-feet (590 Newton-meters) of torque.

Also, in an era when more and more automakers chose to stuff their supercars with an automatic transmission, Porsche went down the classic route by fitting the Carrera GT with a special six-speed manual transmission that sent power through the rear wheels only and mated to the engine via a twin-plate ceramic dry-clutch.

Only 1,270 units were ever built, so it’s not exactly an available commodity, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who want something more special than a stock Carrera GT.

Enter the Gemballa Mirage GT. With a wide body kit, a straight pipe exhaust system, an engine tune that boosts power to 661 hp and peak torque to 465 lb-ft (630 Nm), and lots of carbon fiber used in the interior makeover, it’s sure to draw crowds wherever it goes.

According to Gemballa’s website just 25 Carrera GTs were converted into Mirage GTs, but the blue one in the video embedded above (next to the Aston Martin V12 Speedster) is truly unique. Gemballa designed steering wheel with two horn buttons at 9-o’clock and 3-o’clock positions.

Finished in Gentian Blue Metallic and Kuoyo leather interior, this particular Mirage GT example is part of the private Lee Collection and stands for Lance East Exotics, based in Perth, Western Australia. However, as you can see in the 10-minute video, the blue German supercar, which looks absolutely glorious, has been shipped to London, directly onto the tarmac of London Stansted Airport, where a private jet is patiently awaiting its arrival.

Gemballa and Aston Martin then took it back to London, where the V10-powered German supercar caused quite a stir in the middle of the UK’s capital city. But go ahead and watch the embedded video and then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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