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Govt to go before term ends next month: PM Shehbaz – Pakistan

Govt to go before term ends next month: PM Shehbaz – Pakistan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday said his government will hand over power to an interim setup before its term expires next month.

The five-year term of the National Assembly began on August 12, 2018 under the then-PTI government and will be completed under the PM-Shehbaz-led ruling coalition.

However, the prime minister indicated that the powers would be handed over to a caretaker set-up shortly before the end of the legislature’s term.

Addressing a laptop distribution function in Sialkot today, the Prime Minister said: “Our government will complete its tenure next month. We will leave before the end of the term and a new interim government will take over.

Meanwhile, while speaking at a check distribution function in Lahore, the Prime Minister said that if given a chance in the upcoming general elections, the entire PML-N leadership and party chief Nawaz Sharif would “change the destiny”. The country was taken on the path of progress and prosperity.

He appealed to the people to accept the mandate in the upcoming elections and take decisions after looking at some facts and comparing the performance of PML-N governments and PTI’s performance in four years.

Praising his elder brother’s diplomatic qualities, the Prime Minister regretted Nawaz’s ouster, saying, “Despite ending hours-long loadshedding, giving laptops and loans to youth, the billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was introduced. (CPEC) Power and Road Infrastructure Projects in 2015.

On the other hand, Imran Khan had a day-to-day phobia of the PML-N leadership and the opposition, and he tried to put them in jails by concocting false cases,” the PTI leader added. The “revolutionary measures” taken by the PML-N government could not be assimilated.

All the youth programs were started during Nawaz’s tenure and only 50,000 vehicles were given to people on merit across Punjab.

He added that the success of the loan scheme can be gauged from the fact that 99 percent of the loans are returned to the banks.

The Prime Minister said that Nawaz and the PML-N had experienced the “worst political vendetta”, with the leadership even being exiled, but, unlike the PTI chief, the PML-N chief had not thought anything against the country. .”

“The PTI chairman was brought to power through fraudulent elections (and) during his four-year tenure, he did not prove it despite clamoring for allegations of corruption,” the prime minister said as he was constitutionally ousted. , “He used foul language and tactics against state institutions.”

Prime Minister Shehbaz mentioned that PTI’s tenure was marred by massive corruption scandals including sugar and wheat scams, Peshawar bus rapid transit project, Malam Jabba scam case, sale of Toshakhana gifts, Al Qadir trust case etc. : “No one can deny these hard facts.”

“Nawaz Sharif was accused in the Panama Papers and convicted on iqama charges,” he said, adding that the PML-N chief appeared in courts regularly, but on the other hand, the PTI chief was getting bail.

The Prime Minister said that the PTI government was full of accusations, slurs and bad language. “During the PTI government, nearly $3 billion was given as loans to powerful families,” he said, asking why this huge sum was not spent on the future of the youth.

“Toshakhana gifts for the nation were sold badly and Imran tried to protect his spouse from criminal cases.

“The worst reprisals have been unleashed against opposition and government officials. What was the difference between Hitler and Imran Khan? PM Shehbaz questioned.

He asserted that such tactics harm nations.

“It was a heartwarming story, but now it has become a thing of the past,” added the Prime Minister.

Lower prices In the case of petroleum products, PM Shehbaz said this was possible because the rupee appreciated against the dollar, which gave the government an opportunity to provide relief to the public.

He added that crude oil prices are still high in the international market.

The Prime Minister said that it is also a good side Agreement With the International Monetary Fund that brought stability to the value of the rupee.

The prime minister observed that if the government does not reach an agreement, the gap between the value of the rupee and the dollar may widen, leading to a more difficult economic situation.

“Those who conspired against the country, by the grace of God, all their machinations have been buried, including the recent statement by Israel against Pakistan, and all their relations abroad have failed,” he added.

Referring to the country’s challenges, the Prime Minister said that the government can stabilize the economy through revolutionary and bold measures and with determination and commitment.

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