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‘Totally her problem’ – Bangladesh captain hits back at Harmanpreet Kaur, leads team from post-match photograph after umpire bias allegations

‘Totally her problem’ – Bangladesh captain hits back at Harmanpreet Kaur, leads team from post-match photograph after umpire bias allegations

After the controversial incidents during and after the third ODI in Mirpur, the Indian women left Bangladesh.

After winning the T20 2-1, India Women took a 1-0 lead in the ODIs, but Bangladesh Women came back strongly and won the second ODI before the third match ended in a tie.

The day began with Fargana Hoque becoming the first Bangladeshi player to score a century (107) in women’s ODIs. Smriti Mandhana (59) and Harlin Deol (77) put on 107 runs as India reached 32-2.

The score is 160-3 when Nahida Akhtar (3-37) traps Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur leg before. Dissatisfied with the decision, Kaur smashed the stumps before leaving.

Bangladesh leveled the series before losing their last four wickets for nine runs as India reached 216-6. There was no super over The match was past the scheduled time.

Kaur was not the only Indian player who expressed displeasure after her dismissal. Yastika Bhatia was unconvinced that Sultana Khatun was trapped in front of her feet, while No. 11 Meghna Singh looked convinced that Marufa Akhtar’s ball was not edged.

Kaur didn’t hold back in her post-match presentation: “The type of umpiring going on there, we were very surprised. Next time we come to Bangladesh, we have to make sure that we face this kind of umpiring and we have to prepare ourselves accordingly.

According to a ESPNcriinfo ReportAs cricketers from both sides lined up for the traditional end-of-series photo, Kaur had shouted “bring the umpires too”. They hinted that the umpires were part of the Bangladesh team.

With this, Bangladesh captain Nigar Sultana Joti went with the team. She did not mince her words either: “This is her (Kaur’s) problem. I have nothing to do with it. As a player she could show better behavior. I can’t say what happened, but it wasn’t right to be there with my team. It wasn’t the right atmosphere. That’s why we went back. Cricket is a game of discipline and respect.

“Unless the umpires (Muhammad Kamrussaman and Tanveer Ahmed) get out, she will not be dismissed… we have respected their decisions. Whether I like it or not, the umpire’s decision is final. Why don’t we behave like that? “

When asked to comment on the matter, Smriti Mandana expressed displeasure about the umpiring: “We were expecting a little better standard. I would best describe it as the best quality of umpiring in some decisions, because in some decisions it was so obvious that there was not a second thought when the ball hit the pad. Without a moment’s thought, the finger went up.

“I am sure ICC, BCB and BCCI will definitely discuss it and maybe we can have a neutral umpiring system.

Asked about Kaur’s performance, Mandana said: “What happened in the middle was part of the game. We have seen many such incidents in men’s cricket.

“When you play for India, you want to win the match. It was happening in the heat of the moment, but I don’t think she was really happy with the decision that was made. She was kicked out and she felt like she wasn’t kicked out.

“When you want to win so bad, we can definitely talk about the spirit of the game and all that later. But knowing Harman as a person, how much she wants to win for India, from the spirit of the game that is (wrong). But yes, when you really want the ‘W’ on the board for India, these things happen.

Section 2.7 ICC Code of Conduct “Public criticism” or “inappropriate comment” on “an incident occurring in an international match” by a match official is classified as a Level 2 offence. Section 2.8 “disagreeing with an umpire’s decision” deals with the same.

If charged with a level 2 offence, Kaur will be fined 50 to 100 per cent of her match fee and one demerit point or two demerit points.

Of course, there are the India-Bangladesh matches There has never been a shortage of controversy

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