• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Harvard researchers claim to have discovered a chemical cocktail that reverses aging

One researcher claimed that human trials could begin within the next year.

Harvard scientists have discovered a cocktail of drugs that can be combined into a pill that can help reverse aging. The New York Post Informed. The researchers published a study titled “Chemically Induced Reprogramming to Reverse Cellular Aging.” Journal Aging On July 12.

The team found six chemical cocktails that reversed the aging process in human and mouse skin cells by “years”.

David Sinclair, a Harvard researcher, also elaborated on this in a Twitter thread, writing, “Thank you for sharing our latest publication: We have previously shown that using gene therapy to turn on embryonic genes is possible to alter the age limit.” Now we show that this is possible with chemical cocktails, a step toward affordable whole-body rejuvenation.

See the tweet here:

Notably, each chemical cocktail contains five to seven agents, many of which are known to treat other physical and mental disorders. He added that he and his team at Harvard Medical School spent more than three years trying to find molecules that could reverse cellular aging and rejuvenate human cells.

“Studies of the optic nerve, brain tissue, kidney and muscle showed improved vision and longevity in mice and improved vision in monkeys in April of this year,” the researcher further tweeted.

”Preparations for human clinical trials of our early reversal gene therapy are underway,” Mr. Sinclair said, assuming that ”everything is going well,” noting that the first human clinical trials are currently scheduled to ”start late next year.”

However, other scientists, including a Harvard professor, have warned that the study is “mostly hype and preliminary.”

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