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A healthy lifestyle helps protect the environment: Yogesh Kumar

A healthy lifestyle helps protect the environment: Yogesh Kumar

The 70 members of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya Bhopal, who participated in a fun program called Trucking Come Tree Introduction on World Environment Day, told about safety rules, the display of the Human Museum and the biodiversity here. After that, the exciting journey started from the museum’s Marugram open-air exhibition site, passing through the Rabari Awas, Banni Awas of Gujarat, Rajput Awas, Chhatri and Paliwal Awas of Rajasthan.

Information about their cultural significance is provided by Dr. Given by Ashok Kumar Sharma. Then Horticulture Officer Dhir Singh explained in detail the cultural, ecological and medicinal importance of the trees planted in the dense forest of the museum premises. After that, Suryakumar Pandey gave information on prehistoric painted rock shelters. After this, while observing the open air exhibition of rock art, all the members of the trekking team reached the entrance of the tribal habitat open air exhibition, where the management provided snacks and coconut water to all present. After this, under the leadership of museum director Bhuvan Vikram, everyone planted various plants in the museum premises.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya Museum organized a public lecture, Prof Yogesh Dubey Indian Institute of Forest Management delivered a lecture on ‘Environmental Crisis and Concerns: Road to a Sustainable Future’. He said the world is going through an environmental crisis as climate change becomes a stark reality.

Pollution of water sources, air pollution, deforestation and land degradation are some of the challenges we face today. Carbon dioxide concentrations had already increased to alarming levels. Sea-level rise makes coastal areas more vulnerable to climate-induced hazards. The frequency of extreme weather events leading to food security issues is increasing.

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