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Hill and hill cutting should be stopped for environmental balance

Hill and hill cutting should be stopped for environmental balance

Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Md Shahab Uddin called for an immediate end to the felling of hills and hills and said that people should focus more on roof plantation and social forestry to increase the country’s forestry activities.

He also said that the country should have 25% coverage to achieve ecological balance by 2030 as per the target of Sustainable Development Goals, so massive afforestation activities will be carried out in hilly areas.

The minister also warned that the government is taking a strict stance against cutting hills and hills.

He said this while inaugurating the National Fisherman’s Week, Tree Plantation Campaign and Tree Fair at Maulavi Bazar on Tuesday.

“On behalf of our ministry, 250 million trees will be planted. Trees will help bring rain and lower temperatures,” he hoped.

According to the Bangladesh Environment Protection Act 1995 (amended in 2000), hill cutting is prohibited without the permission of environmental authorities.

Talking about the polybag ban, he said that the government has completely banned bags in 40 upazilas of eight coastal districts.

“We will gradually implement the ban across the country,” the minister said.

Speaking about the country’s first market exclusively for buying and selling used polythene in Maulavibazar municipality, Shahab Uddin said: “This is just a model market.

“We will spread such markets across the country,” he added.

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