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A double whammy: Hollywood in shutdown mode due to strike | Hollywood

A double whammy: Hollywood in shutdown mode due to strike |  Hollywood

For the first time in 63 years, Hollywood is reeling from the after-effects of a double strike. With SAG-AFTRA and actors deciding to join the ongoing writers’ strike in the West, the protests could paralyze the industry. Many series, TV shows and Emmy Awards are facing delays and postponements. We look at how it is set to make waves in showbiz.

The strike will affect the filming of Deadpool 3

Stop the starry premieres

The strike has blocked star-studded premieres of several upcoming projects. After Oppenheimer‘s cast pulled out of the UK premiere and canceled the film’s red carpet in New York on July 17. There will be no red carpet premiere for Zoe Saldana Special Ops: Lion. By Margot Robbie Barbie Looks like the press tour is ending a little early. During her trip to London, she revealed that she would be part of the strike. The tour was supposed to be extended to Berlin and New York as stops from her global press tour. Promotion events of projects etc The Haunted MansionA new one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie, Kenneth Branagh’s Agatha Christie Mystery A Hunt in Venice Expect to be affected.

More movie delay

Now, some big blockbusters are currently in production including Wonder Woman 3, Ghostbusters 4, Mufasa: The Lion King, Avatar 3 And Gladiator Paul Mescal’s sequel with Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal and Fred Hechinger. And going on strike is likely to affect them. The pause button is most likely pressed in production Deadpool 3, Paddington And the evil one That too. In fact, some are speculating that this is Alia Bhatt’s Hollywood debut Heart of Stone Release date may be delayed if issues are not resolved.

San Diego Comic-Con is in a frenzy

Comic-Con is set to kick off later this month, and the ongoing strike is expected to change the entire lineup. The first round of panel cancellations included names like these Good omens, Rookie, That 70s Show, General vAnd The cycle of time.

The Emmy Awards may be snubbed

The Emmy Awards, planned for September 18 in Los Angeles, may be delayed until both strikes are resolved. In fact, Hollywood experts state that if the strikes continue into 2024, other major awards shows will also suffer.

Delay in TV shows

Fans will have to wait longer for their favorite shows to return. Work on dramas and comedies in Los Angeles had already stalled. Now, since the actors have also joined the strike, they have no chance to resume. Production of exhibits such as Stranger things, The Handmaid’s Tale, American Horror Story, AndorAnd Apples never fall will affect

Film festivals will be disrupted

The strikes may disrupt upcoming film festivals, particularly the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, where stars are not expected to attend to promote their projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Toronto Film Festival organizers have responded to the strike by citing the absence of Hollywood actors if the issues are not resolved by September 7. “We urge our partners and colleagues to resume open dialogue. We will continue to plan for this year’s festival with the hope of a speedy resolution in the coming weeks,” a TIFF spokesperson said in a statement. at the moment, Ferrari, which is expected to premiere in Venice, could suffer if stars including Adam Driver and Shailene Woodley are unable to attend the festival. Bradley Cooper’s promotional plans maestroAnother anticipated Venice premiere may also change.

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