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How to complete, all rewards and more

How to complete, all rewards and more

Clara is tasked with one of the iconic companion quests in Hongkai Star Rail. The Trailblazers receive an unexpected message from her, asking for help in unraveling the mystery behind some unusual thefts in the robot settlement area. After accepting Clara’s request, the first part of the mission you will rarely love in the game will begin.

Clara is one of the kindest souls on the Hongkai Star Rail, and her companion quests show off her best traits. Clara’s kindness and empathy take center stage as she selflessly works to solve the problems faced by the wanderers and robots.

Continue reading to learn how to complete the first part of the game’s Rarely Affectionate Companion mission.

How to unlock the first part of the rare love quest in Hongkai

The first part of Clara’s Companion Quest can be unlocked after completing its specific prerequisites. For starters, you’ll need to clear Trail of Equilibrium: Part Two at Trailblaze level 30. Once you reach Equilibrium Level 2, be sure to progress through the main story quest.

After completing the mission “In the Sweltering Morning Sun”, Clara’s request will appear in the message box containing the quest.

How to complete Rare Love Part 1 Quest in Hongkai Star Rail?

After accepting the quest, visit Clara at Svarog Base in the Robort Settlement Area and ask her about the problem. She will tell you how a thief started stealing machine parts in their area, which the wanderers worked hard on. The thief was not discovered until a patrol passed by.

You will be tasked with investigating the situation in the vagrant camp. Interrogate the witness to find out that the thief’s weapon was metal.

Continue along the path and look for more clues in the marked area, which will lead you to a rogue automaton spider. To prevent it from running away, engage in battle with the robot. It should be easy to take him out with any Wind or Lightning character on the Hongkai Star Rail.

The automaton Spidey stops working and Clara decides to repair it. Meanwhile, you’ll be teleported to Svarog’s mansion to listen to their conversation about how to fix the robot.

Defeat the Automaton Spider and Automaton Beetle in the Companion Quest (Image via Hoovers)

Now, take the elevator to the Machine Graveyard and talk to the robot named Toby. This will lead you to the body of an automaton direwolf, then an automaton beetle, where you’ll learn about both of their features.

After picking up the second machine, deliver it to Clara in Svarog’s base. Once the repair is complete, it will show signs of trouble, which will fade after you defeat it in battle, ending the companion quest.

Companion Mission Rewards

Listed below are all rewards from completing the Rare Love Part 1 mission.

  • 350x Trailblaze XP
  • 60x Stellar Jade
  • 6x adventure log
  • 200x shield
  • 1x Godfather
  • 20000 credit

After you complete the second part of Clara’s companion quest, she will be added as a member of the Hongkai Star Rail’s Astral Express crew.

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