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July 17 to 23 horoscope crypto

July 17 to 23 horoscope crypto

New Week and New Crypto Horoscope is dedicated to the week of July 17th to 23rd.

This week will feature two transits:

  • New Moon in Cancer Monday, July 17;
  • New Sun in Leo from Sunday 23rd July.

It’s been months since we gave space to a written crypto horoscope Stefania Stimolo, expert in astrology and blockchain. This is a weekly column with horoscopes for each zodiac sign, available every Sunday only on The Cryptonomist.

In our slogan “Future Reporting” We wanted to delve deeper into the topic with this interesting column.

Crypto horoscope

We call it Crypto horoscope For the simple fact that the terminology of the industry is used.

Words like NFT, metaverse, over-the-counter To describe operations and situations, but also trading terminology Bullish, bull run, bear market or dump To identify the mood of each zodiac sign during the days of the week.

Of course, you can’t miss the celebrities to the moon To indicate the mood of that symbol!

In general, you may feel a “Hard Fork” Period means “internal division”, or your passing Lightning torch To the next sign i.e. Sun goes to the next sign.

Or you need to think about some situations you are going through “Confirm” Meaning when the planet is in conflict with the zodiac sign. Moreover, with each new change of the guardian of the sun through the signs of the zodiac, of each sign Roadmap A new phase will be reached.

Of course, investment advice is not provided; Instead, it is pure entertainment like any other horoscope. It’s worth mentioning that there are many industry pioneers who learned specific crypto terminology thanks to the horoscopes at The Cryptonomist.

“Don’t believe, verify”

Astrology is not an exact science but it tries in its own way to predict the future. So why not associate common blockchain terminology “Don’t believe, verify” Here too.

Indeed, what the author wants to suggest is her interpretation of the planetary transits that occur during the week, describing the response of each zodiac sign following the “logic” of traditional astrology.

For astrology enthusiasts, they can stay updated even with weekly communicating transits that affect us in some way. A Mercury Retrograde or Full Moon days.

Others can read the horoscope of their own zodiac sign, their own ascendant, or why not, even the horoscopes of friends and loved ones by accessing the dedicated page that is updated every Sunday.

So, just for entertainment purposes, be sure to keep yourself in the loop by clicking here to read your horoscope for the week!

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