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How to Play Hot Drop Strategy in BGMI in 2023

How to Play Hot Drop Strategy in BGMI in 2023

In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the hot drop strategy is an aggressive approach at the start of a match, landing in high-risk, high-reward zones. With proper execution, you can gain a huge advantage over your opponents and secure early kills, loot, and map dominance. In this article, the author will explore the basic concepts and methods of BGMI’s hot-drop strategy in 2023.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective and reflect the opinions of the author.

Best hot drop strategy to implement in BGMI in 2023

Researching the map

Before resorting to the hot drop method it is important to understand the map and find the most popular hot drop spots. To stay up-to-date on map changes and the current meta, follow the latest updates and community discussions.

Familiarize yourself with high loot areas such as Pochinki (Erangel), Hacienda del Patrón (Miramar), Bootcamp (Sanhok), etc., where frequent violent conflicts occur in BGMI.

Timing and coordination

When making a hot drop approach, timing is critical. You should jump out of the plane as soon as possible to increase your chances of reaching your destination before your competitors.

If you’re in a squad, communicate with your teammates to coordinate landings and avoid separation, which could lead to dangerous situations.

Quick booty

Once you’ve landed in a hot drop position, quick loot is essential. Be the first to find and acquire weapons, armor, and other vital loot items to gain an immediate edge.

Remember that other players will be trying to achieve the same goal, so quick decision making and looting are essential in BGMI.

Controls initial engagement

Chaos reigns in the early stages of the hot drop. Listen for footsteps and gunfire to maintain situational awareness. React quickly and strategically to ensure early kills and territory control.

Systematically clear rooms, check blind spots, and communicate with your squad to coordinate attacks against hostile players.

Communication and teamwork

Effective communication and coordination during a hot drop in BGMI is more important than when playing in a squad. Call out enemy positions, distribute loot, and coordinate your movements to increase your chances of survival.

To cover all aspects and increase your chances of success, assign positions within the squad such as point person, support and flanker.

Changing strategies in the middle of the game

If the hot drop site doesn’t produce the expected results or causes too many casualties, you may have to change your plan mid-game. Be prepared to adapt and move to a safer place, especially if resources are limited or comrades are lost.

Remember that survival is key and adapting will increase your chances of passing the BGMI.

Improves your fighting skills

You need to constantly improve your fighting skills to excel in Hot Drop style. Practice your aim, recoil control, and movement mechanics regularly to improve your chances of getting engagements.

Use practice modes, custom matches and replays in BGMI to analyze your gameplay and identify areas for improvement.

Smoke grenades and other projectiles are used

Smoke grenades and other throwables are very useful during hot drops. You can also respawn or revive teammates with smoke grenades to eliminate the opponent’s line of sight.

Learn how to throw grenades to knock enemies out of buildings or damage entrenched opponents.

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