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How can sustainable packaging help protect the environment?

How can sustainable packaging help protect the environment?

Historically, the use of single-use plastics has caused great harm to the environment. It is reported that 79 percent of the 8.3 billion tons of plastics produced since the 1950s end up in landfills or leach into the environment. The use of conventional plastics is also very significant in the packaging sector, which is one of the main causes of pollution in our oceans and other natural habitats. At a time when plastic packaging has wreaked havoc on Earth’s ecosystems, it is imperative to promote sustainable packaging practices.

The need for sustainable packaging

A very important process of sustainable packaging involves packaging products mainly made of environmentally friendly materials. Whether it’s wrapping, storing, shipping, or shelving products, sustainable packaging contributes greatly to the environment.

Advances in technology such as composted and plant-based packaging are good news for stakeholders working to reduce carbon footprints. To say that sustainable packaging is the need of the hour is an understatement as major brands, organizations and consumers alike are giving a huge priority to sustainable packaging.

An increase in awareness of sustainability is a major reason behind the current state of packaging, with governments’ stricter rules for more recycled packaging materials also a big factor. The entire process places great emphasis on life cycle analyzes and inventories for better packaging choices.

Overall, the global sustainable packaging market has been booming in recent times and according to the latest reports, it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% during the eight-year period from 2023 to 2031.

Benefits of sustainable packaging

So, why should your business bother with sustainable packaging? The main goal of these eco-friendly packaging solutions is to protect the world’s ecosystems, ensure human quality of life and long-term viability. Other benefits include:

  • A subsequent reduction in carbon footprint

One of the biggest benefits of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging made from recycled materials is that it leads to a subsequent reduction in carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is actually the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment when fossil fuels are used.

  • Less wastage of resources

Compared to traditional sources of packaging material, sustainable packaging has the great advantage of using fewer resources. The entire process benefits the environment while using fewer resources such as plastic or paper, which consistently helps in the conservation of natural resources.

Sustainable packaging helps to improve overall brand image and reputation, and consumers understand the brand’s emphasis on contributing to the environment. As the new generation and the current generation are eco-conscious, it makes sense to adopt sustainable packaging. This will not only lead to an increase in sales but also increase revenue and profits.

It’s no news that sustainable packaging can help companies cut costs to some extent. The use of lighter materials for packaging helps reduce shipping costs, thereby making the company more sustainable.



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