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Joe Biden’s adviser says that Imran Khan drama made Pakistan laugh at the world world news

Joe Biden’s adviser says that Imran Khan drama made Pakistan laugh at the world  world news

Shahid is US President Joe Biden’s art advisor Ahmed Khansaid that the US has nothing to do with the internal politics of Pakistan After US senators wrote a public letter on human rights in the country. The letter is about Pakistan, not for it Imran KhanHe said the former prime minister’s “cypher drama” had made the country a laughing stock across the world. Pakistan remains a crucial country for the US and Washington is not ignoring it because of its ties with China, he said.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Reuters)

Had the American senators’ letter been so important, Pakistan would not have received International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance, Shahid Ahmed Khan continued.

He said that Pakistan is damaging its relations with countries and institutions where its interests are linked and the IMF is not satisfied with the country’s regional leadership. He said that the IMF is also upset that the agreement made during the previous government was not implemented.

He said that American diplomats have not spoken to the Pakistani government about this and most Pakistanis living in the US are not interested in politics there.

The Cipher controversy is related to the allegations made by Imran Khan, who was ousted through the parliamentary vote in April last year. Imran Khan accused Washington of plotting to oust him from power and brandished the cipher at a public rally to support his claims.

Earlier this week, Imran had said that the revival of the cipher controversy was an attempt to disqualify him from contesting the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)-led government elections.

The PTI chief alleged that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Asif Ali Zardari and others were conspiring to oust him from the political arena.

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