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iPhone Live Voicemail: How to Turn Off/On and Use

iPhone Live Voicemail: How to Turn Off/On and Use

iPhone Live Voicemail is a new feature arriving in iOS 17 that helps with the growing problem of spam calls and lets you decide when to answer from callers you know. Follow along to learn how to turn iPhone Live Voicemail on and off.

Here’s how Apple describes the new iOS 17 feature:

“Live Voicemail gives users the ability to see a live transcription while leaving a voicemail and the opportunity to pick up the caller as they leave their message. Calls identified by the carrier as spam will not appear as live voicemail and will instead be instantly rejected. Using the power of a neural engine, real-time voicemail transcription is handled on-device and remains completely private.

Since 100% spam calls are turned on iPhone Not blocked by carriers, it may be possible for some with iPhone Live Voicemail. Fortunately, the feature has a block button so you can take care of them quickly.

How to turn off/on iPhone Live Voicemail and how it works

iOS 17 is currently in beta. Read about how to install the software if you want to try out features like these and more.

  • iPhone Live Voicemail is turned on by default with iOS 17
  • Go ahead Settings > phone > Live Voicemail to turn it off
  • When you receive a call and let it go or send it to voicemail, you’ll see the phone and recording icon in the Dynamic Island or at the top of iPhone.
  • Tap the phone icon to go to the live voicemail transcription
  • Now you can block the caller, answer the call or let them finish leaving a voicemail – and you can swipe up from the bottom to leave a live voicemail at any time

Here’s how iPhone Live Voicemail works:

Turn iPhone Live Voicemail off/on

What do you think of iPhone Live Voicemail? Are you excited about the new activity? Or do you turn it off? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for checking out our guide on how to use iPhone Live Voicemail!

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