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‘Mysterious bodies of two missing children found in suitcases at Batla House’

‘Mysterious bodies of two missing children found in suitcases at Batla House’


‘Two children’s bodies mysteriously found in suitcases at Batla House’

According to residents, 2 boys were found mysteriously dead in a suitcase at Batla House.


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A resident said a lot of local people were seen at Khajuri Road in Batla House where the incident reportedly took place.

Police arrived in the area and cordoned it off, said a YouTuber who arrived to see the cover.

The bodies of two children, aged 7 and 8, were found in a wooden box in a factory in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar. They were missing since yesterday. Police investigation is ongoing. More details awaited: Delhi Police

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Here is what the police said: “PS Jamia Nagar received a call in the afternoon regarding the discovery of dead bodies of two children at a house in F2 Joga Bye Extension. The bodies of two child siblings, Neeraj 8 years and Aarti 6 years, were found in an old wooden box.
The deceased lived in the house with their parents Balbir, who works as a chowkidar in the property.

“Local inquiries revealed that the deceased children had lunch with their parents at 3pm and went missing around 3.30pm.
Parents and other children start looking for them and later find them in the box.

“The crime team has confirmed that there are no injuries on the body and it appears to be an accidental strangulation incident.”

A social worker named Mehmud Ahmed said that he was the first to reach the spot.

“… the family is a resident of Nepal and the deceased’s father works as a watchman. He has five daughters and one son. We did not see any injury marks on the body, but one of the children was foaming at the mouth,” he said.

Naushad Chowdhury, a resident of the area, said, “The box is very old. The children were playing and went inside the box. The lid of the box was closed. Unable to open, they get stuck and die. That’s what we’ve heard so far.”

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