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Kuwait votes with reform hopes – Arab Times

Kuwait votes with reform hopes – Arab Times

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KUWAIT CITY, June 5: Kuwaiti eligible voters will flock to polling stations across the country tomorrow (Tuesday) to elect a new National Assembly (Parliament), hoping for a massive boost to the country’s ambitious reforms and development. 793,646 eligible voters, comprising 386,751 men and 406,895 women, are set to elect 50 of the 207 candidates to represent them in the new legislature for a four-year term. Polling stations will open at 8:00 am local time (5:00 GMT) and close at 8:00 pm local time (5:00 GMT). Counting of votes will begin soon at the polling stations.

The new election contest was held following the dissolution of the previous parliament and a “return to the state as the source of all power and authority, subject only to the will of the people”. Another order was announced calling on voters to stand ready to cast their votes in the fresh election process on June 6 (Tuesday).

There are 34 male and female contestants in the Mushti constituency with a total of 99,779 eligible voters, including 48,348 males and 51,431 females. In the second constituency, 45 male and female candidates are vying for the votes of 90,394 (44,289 men and 46,105 women). Third Constituency with 137,978 voters (66,226 male and 71,752 female. 47 male and female candidates out of 208,740 (100,8102 female and 100,8132 female) contesting. Fourth Constituency Fifth Constituency with 47 contestants and 256,755 eligible voters (127,056 male and 129,662 male). 99 women) included.

All ministries, authorities and state institutions have been working together for weeks to ensure the country’s electoral contest by taking all necessary measures and putting all options at the voters’ disposal. The Ministry of Information has invited 50 media representatives from around the world to cover the parliamentary polls.

The Kuwaiti Cabinet recently asked several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to participate in observing the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections on June 6, out of a commitment to ensure fair and transparent elections. The Ministry of Health confirmed on Tuesday, June 6 that it is ready for the 2023 parliamentary elections by providing 123 well-equipped clinics at polling stations with the participation of 740 medical staff in addition to 30 ambulances.

Ministry spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Al Sanad announced in a press release. He also pointed out that 30 ambulances have been dispatched according to the flow of voters in each constituency. Meanwhile, National Assembly Election No. 35/1962 prohibited the dissemination of election-related messages 48 hours prior to election day; But constitutional expert Professor Mohammed Al Fili says that there is no penalty for those who violate this provision.

According to Al-Fili, some fake accounts on social media and other newspapers provide an opportunity to violate the law because they believe they are safe because there is no punishment for such violation. However, he affirmed that media houses known to adhere to the code of conduct are committed to the law. Candidates’ campaigning ended on Sunday, including a public meeting organized by former assembly speaker and second constituency candidate Marzooq Al Ghanim with the theme ‘Road to Stability’.

Al-Ghanim stressed during his campaign that he was always committed to the constitution and the National Assembly Act. He said that describing the previous era as an era of corruption was unacceptable, as it was tantamount to insulting the late Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. He pointed out that an era does not belong to the Prime Minister or the Assembly Speaker, it belongs to the Head of State.

He also confirmed evidence of a bank transfer made by a senior official in the office of Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah in favor of a person running fake accounts on social media to curse certain individuals. Outside Kuwait. He clarified that he was sure that the Prime Minister was not aware of such an incident. He added that when the number of participants in the Parliament session reduced from 40 to 10, the internet service was disrupted. He explained that this was because some MPs decided to vote according to the trend rather than their own opinion by watching social media. He said that if he wins Tuesday’s election, he will cooperate with Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah or someone else as part of his constitutional commitment. Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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