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M Kharge, Piyush Goyal trade barbs in Rajya Sabha over controversy over Manipur

M Kharge, Piyush Goyal trade barbs in Rajya Sabha over controversy over Manipur

Mr. Kharg said more than 50 members had given notice for discussion under Rule 267.

New Delhi:

Leader of Parliament Piyush Goyal and Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge today exchanged blows in the Rajya Sabha on the controversy over Manipur, with Mr Kharge demanding the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mr Goyal saying that atrocities on women in opposition-ruled states would also be discussed.

The opposition started ruckus right from the start of the question-answer session, with members of the Congress and other like-minded parties raising slogans of “Manipur, Manipur”. Mr. Kharg said more than 50 members have given notice for discussion under Rule 267 on the Manipur issue, but the government is not ready.

Mr. Goyal countered that Union Home Minister Amit Shah was ready to discuss the issue of violence against women in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and West Bengal. “The Home Minister is ready for this… He will ‘Milk ka dudh ar pani ka pani’ (Distinguish between truth and falsehood),” he said.

Mr. Kharge also questioned PM Modi’s absence in Parliament. “When many people want to talk about this, why are they not ready to talk? Why Modi? Mr Come here and explain the situation? Outside, he talks about the East India Company, but he is not ready to talk about Manipur in the House,” he said.

Mr. Goyal objected to Mr. Kharg’s remarks and accused the opposition of disturbing the House and not allowing discussion on such a sensitive issue. “It is pointless and we are ready to discuss … We want to have a healthy debate and discussion on this issue,” he stressed.

He added, “We want to highlight atrocities against women. We want to highlight what is happening in Manipur, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. We are concerned about what is happening in the country. We want the state governments to be accountable.”

The parliament leader said, it is not a matter to be politicized. “It’s a sensitive topic and it shows some sincerity. Be sensitive to women. You’re not sensitive to women,” he complained.

Terming the opposition’s comments as “meaningless”, Mr Goyal said if they had some points, they would have started discussions.

“If you were sensitive (about the issue), you would have discussed the issue. You have been troubling Parliament for the last four days. You are ruining the future of the youth of this country,” he said. After this, ruckus broke out from both sides and the Speaker adjourned the Rajya Sabha till 2 pm.

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