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Man balances 10 mugs on head while climbing stairs | trending

Man balances 10 mugs on head while climbing stairs |  trending

Have you ever seen videos that show people doing random things skillfully instead of surprising the viewers? This video posted on Instagram shows one such incident. It captures a man balancing ten mugs filled to the brim on top of his head as he haphazardly climbs the stairs. The clip, especially the man’s incredible balancing skills, will leave you in awe.

The picture shows a man balancing ten cups on his head. (screengrab)

The video was originally posted on Tik Tok. It finally made it to Instagram, “That’s one way to do it!” The clip shows the man balanced on his head with mugs stacked on top of each other. The glasses are arranged in an inverted pyramid style. Balancing his glasses perfectly, the man can be seen carefully climbing the stairs—all with a cool, calm expression—as if the feat is no big deal to him.

Check out this video of a man balancing multiple mugs on his head:

Did the video make your jaw drop? You are certainly not alone as most people reacted the same way while sharing comments about the video. Many said the man had some “real talent”. There were those who couldn’t wrap their heads around the balancing act.

What did Instagram users say about this video of a man balancing multiple cups on his head?

“How does everyone not lose their freaking minds?” asked an Instagram user. “How,” wondered another. There were others who expressed the same reaction. A third added, “I have witnessed glory.” A fourth joined in, “I couldn’t even hold it in my hand.” A fifth wrote, “Wow, I met true genius!!!”

The video was posted on June 2. Expectedly, after being shared, the video went viral. So far, it has collected more than ten million views and the number is still increasing. What are your thoughts on this video?

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