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Man gets quinoa seeds after ordering camera lens online | trending

Man gets quinoa seeds after ordering camera lens online |  trending

Most of us shop online because of the affordability and convenience it offers. With a few clicks, we can order products from our homes instead of going to the market. Online shopping not only saves time but also allows us to compare prices and choose the best product at the lowest price. However, it has its own disadvantages. From delayed delivery to receiving wrong or damaged products, people are sharing many horror stories on social media. Recently, a man took to Twitter to share how he received a different product after placing an order 90,000 camera lens from Amazon.

After ordering a camera lens from Amazon, the man received a bag of quinoa seeds. (Twitter/@arunkmeher)

“They ordered a 90K INR camera lens from Amazon and sent a lens box with a packet of quinoa seeds instead of the lens. Massive scam by @amazonIN and Appario retail. The lens box was also opened. Fix it as soon as possible,” wrote Twitter user Arun Kumar Meher while sharing the pictures on the micro-blogging platform. The image shared on Twitter shows a box of Sigma lenses. However, the box contains a transparent bag filled with quinoa seeds. In a note addressed to Amazon, Mehr shares that he ordered the Sigma 24-70 f2.8 lens from Amazon on July 5th.

Mehr later shared an update that Amazon is investigating the case. @amazonIN @amazon says they are investigating the case, but how did this happen? This is totally unacceptable, please resolve this as soon as possible and send me the lens I ordered or refund my money,” he tweeted.

Check out Meher’s item here:

Since being shared on July 7, the tweet has been viewed more than 1.3 lakh times and the number is rapidly increasing. Many shared similar mishaps in the comment section of the post. Some suggested buying high-end items offline.

Here’s what people who went through the tweet had to say:

One Twitter user wrote, “Same thing happened to me last year. Ordered a Sigma 150-600 lens. They didn’t even bother with the Sigma case. I was sent a sewing machine,” another added, “It’s not new. I faced the same problem many times. Sometimes fixed, sometimes not. So before taking delivery I will open the box and accept it, if they are ok with it, otherwise I won’t accept it. Dodh ka jala chas bhi funk funk kar pita hai (Once bitten twice shy). “Why would you or any of the others in this thread buy a high value item online? They manipulate everything in the warehouse. Even opened my 5 liter jar of floor cleaner and my muesli pack. I complained several times to no avail,” claimed a third. A fourth added, “Same here. Amazon sent me a damaged mobile phone. When I asked back, they pointed the finger at the manufacturer and then the seller. When Amazon collected the money.

Some suggested buying expensive items from stores rather than e-commerce sites, saying, “Buy cameras, lenses and their accessories locally rather than Amazon, and you’ll get good discounts on high-priced lenses.” “Never going to buy expensive stuff at @amazonIN,” said another.

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