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The man shared about interviewing tenants in Bengaluru ongoing

The man shared about interviewing tenants in Bengaluru  ongoing

There are a few things a landlord can consider before renting out their property. If you live in Bangalore, the list may also include an interview that you need to pass to get a house. People have repeatedly taken to social media to share their experiences of being interviewed by tenants while renting a house in this city. Twitter user Neeraj Mentha is another one who has joined the list. In a Twitter thread he explained how he felt the tenant interview he gave was more ‘cruel’ than the seed round pitch for his startup.

Twitter user’s post on ‘brutal’ tenant interview in Bengaluru sparks people’s curiosity (representative image). (Unsplash/@tierramallorca)

“My hiring interview was longer and more brutal than my seed round pitch. I recently started househunting in Bangalore and an owner wanted to interview me before saying yes,” Menta wrote as he shared the first tweet. In the next few he added more about his interactions. “Pre-interview – my wife and my LinkedIn through our broker. We had to send a short list of data points about our background along with the profile. Then once we were shortlisted, the broker wanted to set up a call,” he added. He also explained that the landlord asked him about his “background, family size, etc. Then moved on to my startup.” Furthermore, the person asked Menta about his business model, burn rate, last round of investors and more.

“And after all that, he said he’d get back to me in a day or two after calling a few other candidates interested in taking the house. My wife thought I was on a fundraising pitch and asked how it went – I said ‘well done, fingers crossed’,” he added and ended the thread.

Check out the tweets about the man’s ‘cruel’ mercenary interview in Bengaluru:

The thread left people with many questions. Many wanted to know if he got home. Just like this person who asked, “Can you finally get a flat?” To which, Menta replied, “Yes, we did”.

See how other Twitter users reacted to the post about the tenant interview:

“The owner of the house I rent in Vizag wanted our bank statements and salary slips! He even wanted that any company id and documents should be sent through company email id. It’s when I put my foot down and don’t bother sharing information that they settle down,” shared one Twitter user. “Shark Tank, Landlord Edition!!” Made fun of others. “Haha, that should be a new TV series,” joined a third. “By far the funniest Bengaluru fare I’ve seen,” wrote IV.

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