• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
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Manju Warrier: Manju Warrier committed to a Tamil film again.. that too in that director’s film? Chennai: Actress Manju Warrier, who is emerging as a lady superstar in Malayalam cinema, has acted in Tamil films like Dhanush’s Asuran and Ajith’s Thathav. In this situation, the official announcement that Manju Warrier has committed to a Tamil film has now come out. Arya and Gautham Karthik star Manju Varrier as the female lead. Malayalam Actress: Manju Warrier made her film debut in 1995 with the Malayalam film Sakshyam. Manju Warrior, who acted as the heroine in the films of the leading stars of Malayalam cinema such as Mohanlal and Dileep, fell in love with actor Dileep and got married. But after a few years Manju Warrier divorced and lives alone but continues to act in Malayalam films and more recently in Tamil films. Asuran, Thathav: Manju Varrier made her Kollywood debut in the 2019 Tamil film Asuran, directed by Vetrimaran, starring Dhanush. Manju Warrier, 44, died this year. She also played the female lead in Vinod’s Ajith Kumar starrer Tadvu, which was based on a bank fraud. Manju Warrier : Manju Warrier plays Ajith.. Is it a big deal! Manju Warrier in Mr X: Will Manju Warrier do a Tamil film again after Taadvin? As the question arises, now Manju Warrier has signed a deal to star in the film Mr. X. Arya and Gautham Karthi starrer Manju Warrier has been roped in as the female lead. FIR Director: The film stars Manjima Mohan’s husband Gautham Karthi, directed by Manu Anand, who directed last year’s critically acclaimed FIR starring Vishnu Vishal, Manjima Mohan, Raisa Wilson and Gautham Menon.

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