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Mercedes-Benz customizes wheelchair for disabled dog; See the dog’s happy face

Mercedes-Benz customizes wheelchair for disabled dog;  See the dog’s happy face

Disabled animals live a miserable life on the streets. Meanwhile, the lives of some lucky animals with disabilities become a little easier as humans raise them with care, affection and love. Dedicated pet parents are very focused on raising their pets and making the necessary arrangements.

Social media users must have seen many animal videos showing many heartwarming moments of animals with such disabilities. Pets with mobility impairments are raised with the utmost care and affection. Some anxious pets have wheelchairs built to help them walk and run on their own.

However, here we bring you another video which recently hit the internet and won the hearts of millions, as a customized wheelchair for a disabled dog was designed by automobile giant Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz is a German luxury and commercial vehicle brand. The brand is one of the most successful automotive companies and a leading supplier of high quality passenger cars and premium vans. The brand’s holistic design approach with modern functionality is second to none.

However, the brand hit the headlines after designing a customized wheelchair for a disabled dog.

According to reports, on the special request of an animal rescuer, the automobile giant designed a customized wheelchair for a dog named Bunny.

Henry Freedman shared a video of the adorable cat on Instagram, explaining how her owners abandoned her after an accident as she lost her hind legs in the accident.

In no time, the video went viral with one user posting a comment: This dog deserves the Mercedes-Benz of wheelchairs.

This comment sparked the genius idea in Friedman to reach out to the company and share Bunny’s journey. To his surprise, they not only liked the idea, but tied her up with a set of wheels.

With Bunny, Friedman visited an outlet where she received a custom-made wheelchair. The heartwarming video shows Bunny being warmly welcomed at the store. The staff seems to be very excited and has attached special gear to the dog’s back. In the next part of the video, the bunny is shown happily running around and exploring the world with high enthusiasm.

The plate on the wheelchair reads – Bunny’s Benz.

Well, in another video, a man is seen designing his own custom wheelchair for another disabled dog. After the wheelchair is attached to the dog’s back, it happily runs off to explore the world.

The happy faces of dogs will surely bring tears of joy to anyone’s eyes and fill their hearts with love for animals.

The two videos, which show love for disabled animals, have gone viral on social media.

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