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Met Office verdict on when warmer weather will return to the UK – and whether we’ll see more rain

Met Office verdict on when warmer weather will return to the UK – and whether we’ll see more rain

The North East has had a few rainy days and more to come – but will we see warmer weather in the summer?

Conditions are expected to remain unsettled in the UK through the end of July, with widespread rain, according to the Met Office long range weather forecast. This is likely to continue till early August.

However, things may change in the second half of August and we could see a return of some warmer weather. Temperatures are likely to rise to average or above average by the end of the month.

For the period between July 29 and August 7, the Met Office says: “Widespread showers are likely across the UK during this period, with northern areas likely to see the heaviest of these, some of which may develop into thunderstorms. More persistent showers may also develop, particularly in the western highlands, replacing some displays.”

“Strong winds and gales are likely in coastal areas; inland winds are likely to be light to moderate. Dry intervals with some sunshine are possible during this period, with more chances in the south-east as we move into August. The year will generally be cooler, although warmer in residential areas.”

The forecast for August 8 to 22 looks more positive. Meteorologists say: “While the start of this period will see a continuation of the aforementioned unsettled themes, there are signs of more stable conditions developing by mid-August with drier weather and more sunshine than in previous weeks.

“Unstable spells are still possible, albeit slightly less than normal. Although temperatures may be below average initially, they are likely to rise to average or above average in the second half of the month as conditions stabilize.”

This comes as temperatures continue to rise in Europe, with the mercury reaching 40 in some areas. Below is the five day forecast for North East.

Northeast weather forecast


Fine at first, leading to a sunny day, but increasingly heavy rain, some of which eventually becomes heavy and lingering, with the possibility of thunder. Warmer than Monday. Maximum temperature 19 °C.

Tuesday Night:

The heavy and locally thundery rain gradually dissipated, leaving a dry atmosphere for a while, and finally more cloud and light rain. Locally cold under persistent clear spells. Minimum temperature 6 °C.


Cloudy for many initially, with some light rain. It will probably be dry and bright but breezy later, with warm afternoon sun ahead of evening showers. Maximum temperature 21 °C.

Outlook from Thursday to Saturday:

Most will remain unsettled at times, especially Thursday, with dry and light showers after Friday before more rain on Saturday. Average temperature approx.

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