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UK Weather: Parts of England remain on flood alert as the Met Office warns how long the rain will last

UK Weather: Parts of England remain on flood alert as the Met Office warns how long the rain will last

Parts of England remained under flood warnings on Tuesday morning, with the forecast largely improving after wet and dreary weather for many.

The Met Office said the outlook for winds had eased compared to Monday, but parts of the UK could still see rain and it could be heavy in some places.

Rain is expected to ease over the next couple of days and the weather forecaster said the sunshine would be “comfortable” and warm.

But in an update on Tuesday morning, the Environment Agency issued flood warnings for many parts of England. These include Newbury in the south, areas around the rivers Ault and Douglas near Liverpool, and the Upper River Ouse near Leeds.

Over the weekend, large amounts of rain fell across the central UK, particularly in northern England and Wales, leading to intermittent showers and colder temperatures in the south, the yellow warned.

This resulted in a large difference in temperature in the north, which was unusually cold compared to the south. Brisley Wood in the north recorded temperatures of around 13C on Sunday, while Cavendish in the southeast recorded 25C, the Met Office said.

The wet weather affected sporting events and music festivals, including the Ashes and the Open.

Rain began to fall across England and Wales on Monday morning, giving way to sunshine and drier conditions in the evening.

But flood warnings were issued in many places on Monday. Alerts were issued for 12 local areas in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Yorkshire, with isolated alerts in Leicestershire and Middlesbrough.

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said “minor surface water flooding impacts” were possible in those areas, but the overall risk of flooding in England and Wales over the next five days was “very low”.

On Tuesday, some parts of the North and East should brace for heavy and thundershowers, the Meteorological Department said.

Unsettled conditions will continue into the end of this week and into the first week of August with showers and strong winds returning from the west on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Now that it’s split up, we’re sitting on the cold side north of the jet and we’ve got low pressure coming in,” said Rachel Ayers, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

“It could go on for a while like it has for the past few weeks. It’s hard to say when this will all come crashing down and it doesn’t look like anything will happen anytime soon,” she said.

“Looking at the longer range, it will be cool and changeable and will settle down a bit by the second week of August.

“But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to see any steady breaks in the meantime, we’ve got high pressure on Tuesday which means the rain will be less and less isolated, so it should bring a more stable day,” she said.

“The overall picture for the next couple of weeks is mostly wet, with no settled weather or above-average temperatures.”

The long-range forecast shows that temperatures will remain above average, especially with more continuous rain or showers. The wettest conditions will be seen in the north and west, with some rain towards the southeast.

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