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5 Best Support Heroes in MLBB

5 Best Support Heroes in MLBB

Fans of Mobile Legends Bang Bang are well aware of the importance of having the best support heroes in MLBB on their teams. Characters in this category come with special skills and abilities to squeeze enemy champions at certain critical moments in a team fight, giving their allies a huge tactical advantage throughout the game.

However, like all other Mobile Legends Bang Bang champions, Moonton adjusts their abilities. This can be confusing for players to keep track of which support heroes perform best in every meta. This article will list the best champions in this category so that MLBB players can build a good team.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

Who is the best healer in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? 5 Best Support Heroes in MLBB

Support heroes in MLBB team up with squishy units like Marksmen, as the latter simply cannot stand up to an aggressive group of Mobile Legends Bang Bang enemies. Follow this list to find the best heroes in this category in the current meta.

1) Pharamis

Faramis is one of the most versatile support heroes in MLBB and can become a fighter with the right symbols and builds. Although players often avoid him, he is a capable warrior whose first skill deals massive damage to enemy heroes.

Also, when used as a support, he can also farm some great additional items for the team. With the new Summer Spark skin, this hero becomes very effective in the ranked games of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

2) Mathilda

This unit in Mobile Legends Bang Bang may have the best ability to protect all her allies during a team fight. She is one of the most amazing support heroes in MLBB and one of the most feared thanks to her amazing skills and combos.

Her Soul Bloom alone can accumulate six stacks while she walks, each of which deals bonus damage when attacking nearby targets.

3) Diggy

Diggy’s ability to properly cover an entire team while dealing a lot of damage to enemy champions makes him one of the best support heroes in MLBB. However, he often floats under the radar.

Allies can gain a shield for five seconds if they are around him in a team fight. In a MOBA title where stunning enemies can get a kill in as little as 1.5 seconds, players can only imagine how effective Diggy’s shield can be in a team fight.

4) Estes

Estes is one of the most sought after support heroes in MLBB and can tear an enemy team apart. However, only seasoned veterans know how to use him well.

Being a support champion in the game, Estes should only focus on roaming the map and providing backup in the early stages of the match. In the mid-game, he can start using his abilities to deal some damage. In the late game, he can combine his damage-dealing and enemy-champion-nerfing abilities to help allies in team fights.

5) Raphaela

As one of the entry or mid-level support heroes in MLBB, Rafaela can always step into any team that needs a healer. She has an amazing first skill that mostly helps clear lanes, but can also finish off enemies. Her second skill heals all allies around her, and her ultimate can stun and slow enemies for a few seconds.

This will make it difficult for her to dodge her allies’ cuts, stabs, and strikes. Having support with all these benefits is one of the best boons for any team and gives them a huge strategic advantage in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

That was a list of some champions that have performed well in the current meta of this title. Use these support heroes to help the low HP units in your team last longer.

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