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Moderate rain is expected, with possibility of heavy rain at isolated places
Mumbai Weather Update: Today, high tide is expected at 1059 hrs, height 4.07 m. Another high tide is expected at 2237 hours, with a height of 3.36 meters

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Mumbai And its suburbs are also likely to experience moderate rain today, July 15. Residents should be prepared for wet conditions throughout the day. Also, there is a heavy possibility rain In isolated places.

Today, high tide is expected at 1059 hours, with a height of 4.07 meters. Another high tide is expected at 2237 hours, with a height of 3.36 meters. Low tide is scheduled at 1700 hours at a height of 2.10 meters. These tidal changes can affect coastal areas and residents and fishermen should exercise caution when going out to sea.

Looking ahead, tomorrow’s tide schedule shows a low tide of 0.93 meters at 0446 hours on 16th July. It’s a good idea to watch the tide times if you’re planning any activities along the coast.

From yesterday, July 14 at 0800 hours to today, July 15 at 0800 hours, the average rainfall was recorded in various areas. The City Center (CT) received 48.67 mm of rain and the Eastern Suburbs (ES) received 47.56 mm of rain. Western Suburbs (WS) received slightly higher rainfall with 57.63 mm. These rainfall figures indicate significant rainfall in the last 24 hours, which accounts for the wet weather observed in and around the city.

Residents are advised to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and warnings from local authorities. It is recommended to carry umbrellas, raincoats and other necessary items to protect yourself from the rain.

Meanwhile, waterlogging has been reported in some parts of the city due to overnight rain. Andheri subway had to be closed around 8.30 am. The water receded and reopened after a few hours.

While Central and Western Railway services ran slightly late, several BEST bus routes were temporarily diverted due to waterlogging in various parts of the city and suburbs. Railway officials claimed that suburban trains were running as normal, but commuters complained of delays of up to 15 minutes. Railway passengers complained of loss of roof at several stations in CR and WR. Passengers South Mumbai There is a complaint that there is waterlogging in CSMT as the entire footpath and footpath are under water. Traffic on both highways slowed down.

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