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Infernal Bladepoint Weapon Range List (July 2023)

Infernal Bladepoint Weapon Range List (July 2023)

Weapons in Hell Blade Point are an integral part of the game. They enable the player to eliminate targets and complete the objective of being the last man standing. Similarly, different weapons can be found hidden inside chests or on the map of Moras Island, ready to be equipped. Weapons are divided into two categories, melee and ranged weapons.

Melee weapons are more favored by players, but there are instances where ranged weapons can be used effectively. This article will categorize all infernal bladepoint weapons into a complete tier list.

All infernal bladepoint weapons are ranked from best to worst

Infernal Bladepoint Weapon Range List (Image via Sportskeida)

Hell Blade Point currently has 18 weapons. This article will avoid the new Dual Halberds as there is insufficient information to assess their strengths and weaknesses. The remaining 17 weapons are grouped into five different categories:

  1. S-Tier
  2. A-Tier
  3. B-Tier
  4. C-Tier
  5. D-Tier

The ranking is based on four main criteria:

  • Damage output
  • Power compared to other weapons in its class
  • Practical Soldiers
  • Expertise in different situations


The weapons in this tier are some of the best in the game and should be picked up anytime. They offer high damage and can be used reliably in a variety of situations. The S-Tier weapons in Hell Blade Point are:

Dagger is the most versatile weapon in the game. It has a fast attack rate and is a great weapon to chase down enemies. It is also the only weapon that allows players to charge a Blue Focus attack while crouched. Its relatively good DPS makes it an incredible weapon when mastered.

Nanchuks are very powerful and have some of the best souljades in the game. Its stage 2 attack, Dragon Flurry, is one of the most powerful in the game, as it deals high damage while granting Golden Focus, making it useful in a variety of situations.

The Polesword is the best sword weapon in the game. It gives players a better ability to close gaps with its horizontal attacks, and allows players to cancel focus attacks by enemies using grapple. Soldier Blistering Edge is very difficult.


Weapons in the A-Tier are powerful enough to be used effectively. However, they can sometimes be a little one-dimensional, and are out of place in certain situations. A-Tier weapons in Hell Blade Point are:

  • Musket
  • Staff
  • bow
  • long sword
  • the spear
  • Dual blades

Two of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game include the musket and the bow. The musket offers reliable damage from a distance, while the bow rewards players with great accuracy due to its exceptional damage when shots are charged.

The staff is one of the most reliable weapons to use while traversing the map. This allows players to dash forward without fear of getting tangled or stunned. The weapon also has very useful souljades such as jabbing.

Longswords are perfect for 1v1 situations because of their single-target attacks and exceptional damage. Phoenix Blast and Hepta-Detach are some of the powerful Souljades that make the Longsword a formidable weapon.

The spear is a great weapon with decent handling and good burst damage. It also has good displacement capacity. Souljade and Heartstopper Kick are oppressive in 1v1 situations.

Dual blades are a less powerful version of the dagger. Despite this, it is still a very powerful weapon to use. They allow players to move very quickly through their attacks, and the Cavalry Bloom Soldier turns this deadly duel into terror.


Weapons in the B-tier have larger peaks in some situations. However, other weapons can do their job more reliably without wasting time. B-Tier weapons in Infernal Blade Point are:

  • Great sword
  • Katana
  • Pistol
  • Flamebringer

The Greatsword was one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It has fallen out of favor since then, but is still a great weapon for beginners. Its downfall comes in the limited moves and slow attack animations that players can take advantage of with better weapons.

The katana is the weakest sword weapon in the game. It has poor single-target damage compared to other swords. This makes the defense options against katana very strong. It also lacks good soljades that increase its effectiveness.

A pistol is a ranged weapon that is only effective at mid-to-close range. This is a big risk for the sidearm as melee weapons can do a better job. However, it’s a great secondary weapon to fall back on if your primary weapon wears out. A quick pistol draw to finish off your opponents can save your life.

The Flamebringer is a large flamethrower that deals constant damage over time. Its burn effects ignore armor when continuously hitting enemies. The lack of SoulJades and its power make it a very close range weapon.


The weapons in this line are few and far between and don’t offer much compared to other weapons. Their effective conditions are so limited that they often do not present themselves. C-Tier weapons in Hell Blade Point are:

On paper the swarm looks like a decent weapon, but its primary problem lies in its charge mechanic. This makes the swarm more of a stealth weapon that needs to be charged before attacking someone. Weapons like daggers are very good at this aspect.

The repeating crossbow has no burst damage; Melee attacks can block its bullets. The shining point of this weapon comes in its consistent rate of fire, but if enemies can block it, the momentum is lost and the crossbow becomes useless.


Weapons in this row are bad and it is recommended not to use them unless there is no other option. D-Tier weapons in Hell Blade Point are:

The cannon has a very slow rate of fire. While it does large area-of-effect damage, the time it takes to fire is long enough for enemies to dodge and unleash powerful attacks. It is useless as a ranged weapon in most situations.

Blooddrippers are a great weapon in theory. However, Focus Clash is enough to make this weapon irrelevant. Focus Clashing Blooddripper stuns the user, giving your opponents an easy kill. The power of this weapon cannot be justified when a simple move is enough to render an entire weapon kit ineffective.

The list of Infernal Bladepoint weapons will continue to expand as more updates and new weapons are introduced. These can alter the power of certain weapons. Now, players can enjoy the features of Hell Blade Point and have a blast in the melee-based battle royale game.

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