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“No wonder players are boycotting press conferences”

“No wonder players are boycotting press conferences”

Many tennis fans were shocked by the ‘Lion’ question asked of Alexander Zverev at the 2023 French Open press conference.

On Monday, June 5, Zverev booked his place in the Roland Garros quarterfinals with a 6-1, 6-4, 6-3 victory over Grigor Dimitrov on Court Philippe-Chatrier. The German bounced back from a second-set breakdown to capitulate 3-0 in the third set, eventually ending the match.

A journalist asked Alexander Zverev an unusual question during the post-match press conference. The journalist congratulated Zverev on his impressive win against Dimitrov and began to ask if his fans call him ‘the lion’ because of his confidence, athleticism, good looks, or because he sleeps more.

The question put to him confused Zverev, but he maintained his professionalism while answering. The German admitted he wasn’t sure how to react and explained that fans must have nicknamed him ‘The Lion’ because of his distinctive haircut and frequent outbursts during matches.

“I don’t know how to answer that to be honest. It probably has a little bit to do with the haircut, a little bit of screaming,” Zverev said.

Tennis fans took to social media to express their confusion over Zverev’s questioning. One fan wrote that players are “boycotting” French Open press conferences because of these types of questions.

No wonder players are boycotting press conferences, the fan tweeted.

@josmorgado No wonder stars are boycotting press conferences

Another fan questioned why press conferences at Grand Slam events often included dreaded questions.

“Why do press conferences at Grand Slams often feature the scariest questions?” The fan tweeted.

@josmorgado Why do press conferences at Grand Slams often feature the most dreaded questions?

Here are some reactions from fans:

@josmorgado Those journalists at RG are the worst I have ever seen and I watch 4 different sports.
@josmorgado Thanks for all the info on this animal kingdom, but I’m sure its hair bc
Who are those idiot RG journalists and why are they even there!?

They ask silly, biased and disrespectful questions. twitter.com/josemorgado/st…

@josmorgado Why tennis journals find it difficult to ask common, relatable questions…

Alexander Zverev will face Thomas Etcheverry in the French Open QF

Alexander Zverev at the 2023 French Open

Alexander Zverev will face Tomas Martin Etcheverry in the quarterfinals of the French Open on Wednesday, June 7. This will be the first match between the two players on tour.

Echeverri defeated Yoshihito Nishioka 7-6(8), 6-0, 6-1 to reach his first Grand Slam quarter-final.

If Zverev manages to defeat Echeverri, he will face the winner of the much-anticipated clash between Holger Rooney and Kasper Ruud.

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